The train of lights spotted in the sky, is it aliens? the truth

The train of lights spotted in the sky, is it aliens?  the truth

Curious to know why the lights were spotted in the skies over northern Italy? Uncover the cause of this strange phenomenon.


In recent days, especially in the skies of northern Italy, many have noticed a strange phenomenon. What are we talking about? from U.S bright path that flew over the skies of Italy.

A phenomenon that has also appeared on social networks where there are those who have also hypothesized the possible presence of UFOs in our sky. However, the explanation is much simpler than you think.

But let’s not waste any more time and let’s find out in detail why these real trains of light appeared in the sky. All the details.

The train of lights in the sky: This is what it was based on

light rail italy

That train of lights has something to do with the project SpaceX by Elon Musk. A project that aims, by sending satellites at an altitude of about 600 km, to establish global broadband communication thanks to a real constellation of satellites.

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Initially, the Starlink satellites that will be sent into space had about 12,000 transmitters at an altitude of about 1,200 kilometers. After controversy over possible space debris, Elon Musk decided to start his project by sending about 1,600 satellites, which represent the first group, to a much lower altitude.

These satellites are carried into space by rockets called Falcon9. Once these satellites reach space, they communicate with stations on Earth. A much-talked-about project, especially at the beginning of the war between Ukraine and Russia. about it, Elon Musk It announced that it will open Internet connections to all Ukraine through its service.

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Let me be clear, there are actually many satellite subscriptions on the Internet, but these were in geostationary orbit (always in the same position), which set a latency unlike the Elon Musk satellites. Currently, there is also an online satellite subscription in Italy by Elon Musk that costs approx 100 euros per month.

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Returning to the observed phenomenon of light trains, it was caused by the launch of some satellites on August 19 last. Once a Falcon 9 rocket has catapulted the Starlink satellites into space, they then separate from the rocket and, for a very short period of time, are close to each other. There is also an app called findmystarlinkwhere by entering the name of your city you can find out if and when this specific effect will be in the sky.

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