Vega Flawas not the same as “La Marina Sta Morena”

Vega Flawas not the same as “La Marina Sta Morena”
In these past two years, Vega Flawas – The duo formed by Pepe Velasco and Xavi Cartanya – became one of the standards of the new urban pop music. the current In Catalan with works like: young gentleman (Self-published, 2022) And not like that (Halley Records, 2024), where they experiment with a wide range of different styles and genres, such as rumba, bossa nova or electronica. Continuing this exploration, the duo from Vals created “La Marina sta morena”, their summer theme that has already caused a stir on social networks.

“La Marina sta morena” is a summer song, reminiscent of the sea, the beach and the salt that sticks to your body when you leave. All tied together like a fleeting love story – the kind that happens in summer – where the protagonist falls in love with Marina at first sight, and dedicates the verses of this song to her. A theme that could sound like a classicSyringesFrom the beach for its joyful, dancing and festive rhythm, and where, in addition, the Valencians wink at the famous “El tiburón” Henry Mendes.

The song is accompanied by a video that gives a summer feel, between the beach, the sea and the boat, where Pep Velasco and Xavi Cartanya move their butts. Before its release, the second verse of the song had already gone viral on social media, especially on TikTok. Many people have joined the “direction’ who introduced themselves Vega Flawas From his account – and also at parties – following the steps of the Valencian dance and moving the body.Profile, face and back

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