Albert Lopez now admits the facts for which he was convicted

Albert Lopez confessed to the workers of the Quatre Cummins prison that he had committed the Urban Guard crime, for which he was sentenced to prison Pear Rose.

As I applied NewspaperLopez confessed to the crime for which he was sentenced to 20 years in prison He has denied it so far.

He was going to make a confession In order to obtain prison permits It was not possible to record this in any writing or official appearance, but he expressed it to the team treating him in prison. A leak that did not satisfy Lopez's lawyer, Jose Luis Bravo. In an interview with “Tot es mou”, Bravo confirmed that he wants to investigate where this alleged confession came from, which, according to him, is “false”.

Since arriving at the center, Lopez has agreed to follow one of them Individual treatment program With a team of psychologists, teachers and other professionals who work towards reparation and recognition of the crime, among other aspects.

These workers report to the Treatment Board Evaluate every six months potential progression to the degree of incarceration Responding to permission requests does not exceed 48 hours.

Acknowledging the facts is a major issue in these reviews, so acknowledging the crime puts Lopez in one of them More advantageous mode To get prison benefits.

Rosa Peral's defense wants details of the confession

Following developments in the case, the defense confirmed The other convict in the case is Rosa PeraFor, he is considering whether he should take any steps. Nuria Gonzalez, one of his lawyers, They announced on “El matí de Catalunya Ràdio” that they would demand to know the details of Albert Lopez's confession. The lawyer confirms that his confession proves that he lied throughout the trial, and also dismantles, in her words, the motive for the crime that the prosecution defended:

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“The judgment theory is that Albert loved Rosa so much that he killed for her, and now it turns out that Albert was trying to blame Rosa – knowing he was the culprit – because she colluded in judging him.”

However, Olga Arderio, also in charge of Peral's defense, admitted on TV3's “Tot es mou” program that if Lopez's confession is limited to the facts gathered by the referee, the probability of the appeal's success is small, because it speaks of joint authorship. Ardirio added that in any case they will examine whether such an appeal has been filed, which would be “extraordinary” and would have to be resolved by the Supreme Court, because the ruling is final.

Neither he nor Peral confessed to the crime

Lopez and Peral, who were agents of Barcelona's Urban Guard, were sentenced in April 2020 to 20 and 25 years in prison, respectively, for the murder of Pedro Rodriguez, Peral's partner and also the body's agent, in a love triangle.

Rosa Peral during trial for the death of Pedro Rodriguez (ACN/Jordi Pujolar)

According to the ruling, the defendants and They devised a plan to end the victim's life violentlyBecause it conflicted with their relationship that they resumed a few months ago.

The jury concluded that Peral and Lopez conspired to kill Rodriguez, whom they drugged or medicated, and burned the body inside their car, which they left on a forest road in Foix Swamp the day after the crime.

Neither Albert Lopez nor Rosa Peral confessed to the crime in court, and in fact, They blamed each other for committing itAlthough the Barcelona court ended up convicting them of murder.

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Lopez, an inmate at Quatre Camins de la Roca del Vallès, is in a position to soon obtain prison passes, which inmates can obtain at once. I completed a quarter of the sentenceThis decision rests with the prison treatment committee.

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