The prosecution strongly demands 7 and a half years’ imprisonment for 4 policemen for assaulting a detainee

The prosecution strongly demands 7 and a half years’ imprisonment for 4 policemen for assaulting a detainee

High sentence. The Public Prosecutor strongly criticized the actions of 4 police officers during the arrest “For no reason and with police violations” To a young man in the Ciutat Vila neighborhood, on November 13, 2020, in his report on the conclusions of the trial before the Barcelona Court, Thursday. For this reason only He agreed to reduce the prison sentence from 8 and a half years to 7 and a half years The punishment he seeks from each of them accuses them of crimes of harm, illegal detention, moral violations, and forgery for forging a certificate and “falsely” ensuring that the young man kicked the accused corporal.

At the hearing, the public prosecutor proposed reducing the prison term by one year Apply diluted damage treatment only to damage caused by damage Because the accused They paid €3,400 at the start of the trial For the victim, at the request of the Public Prosecution, although the boy’s lawyer is demanding 30,000 euros. for his part, Laura Medina A popular accusation by name EreriaHe insisted on seeking 15 years in prison and disqualification for 22 years. On the contrary, the lawyers for the corporal and the three agents demanded their innocence, considering that their actions were correct.

Video, key evidence

The main incriminating evidence was a video recorded by a neighbor of the officers' actions that night, when they recognized some young people who were in the street despite the adoption of a curfew due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This was confirmed by the Public Prosecutor and prosecution lawyers Everyone should be able to record police actions“Times have changed,” and the actions that appeared in the video are confirmed by the statements of the boy, the neighbor, and the forensic doctor, describing the injuries to which the young man was exposed: broken teeth and injuries to the face and face. His ankles, when a police baton was placed on him. But the agents' lawyers insisted that the right to defense was violated because the case “does not include the original video.”

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The corkscrew made by the corporal to throw on the ground is a very dangerous actIn addition, three agents stood over him. “No officer examined or asked what was happening to the detainee,” rebuked the public prosecutor. The representative of the Public Prosecution confirmed that “the young man did not assault any officer,” and that according to the report that was recorded, the young man was falsely accused of causing minor injuries and assaulting the authority, which was eventually raised to the court. Public Prosecution: Video spread of police work on social media.

On the contrary, the lawyer Josep Maria Foster Fabra, The corporal's defender confirmed that his action was correct. “She punches him in the face as a distraction tactic, which is what's done when a person shows a trigger Then he makes the key by accompanying it on the ground; This is what is taught at the police academy.”

On a soaring note, Foster Fabra concluded, “Mr. Corbacho is a charismatic leader in the Mossos family. Internal Affairs opened a case against him.”

Traumatic factors

In the last word, in Spanish, the corporal apologized if his statement had been harsh and asked: “Don't be accused of racism, I have family from Cuba!” Also in Spanish, the other three clients confirmed that they had had a “difficult three years.” One of the accused officers confirmed that they acted at the request of the police force. A second officer stated, excitedly, that he had followed the corporal's orders and that he hoped to continue serving as an officer, and that he had recently saved the life of a gentleman. Finally, the third investigating agent also indicated that he has been in the force for 15 years without being reported and that his work is professional.

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The President of the Court of Division 7A of the Barcelona Court ordered the trial to be terminated, with He sees with judgment, At three in the afternoon.

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