European Union, the munitions plan will have a fast track to approval: Parliament voted for it, M5s against

European Union, the munitions plan will have a fast track to approval: Parliament voted for it, M5s against

the ammunition plan Provided by the European Union Commission will have a fast track. the European Union Parliament He overwhelmingly approved Popolari’s proposal to include the Asap program in the so-called procedure “fast track”518 votes in favour, 59 against and 31 abstentions. Among those who spoke out against the Italian deputies was M5s. But the Democratic Party, which expressed its support, declared that it “strongly opposes the use of any source of funding from Pnrr resources and cohesion funds.” This issue was also addressed during the Eurochamber discussion: “There is no obligation on the part of member states to use cohesion and recovery funds” to increase defense production, As the EU Commissioner for the Internal Market said, Thierry Breton. If some countries want to use it, they can. The known aggressor is Russia, and the war is also an industrial and productive war. He noted that the more we produce “weapons”, “our credibility will increase and our credibility will also be one of the components of peace.”

Due to the preferential path, the times for the analysis of the file by the parliamentary committees will be reduced and the final vote of the MEPs can already take place at the mini plenary session scheduled for May 31 in Brussels. In particular, the text is now moving to the Eurochamber Industry Committee. head of the same body Christian Silvio Bosoy, announced its intention to hold a first meeting of shadow rapporteurs appointed from each political group soon. A possible general vote at the end of May would then pave the way for negotiations with member states. The will expressed by the European Commission is to reach a final agreement by mid-July.

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Among those who voted against there are 5 stars. “The ASAP (Ammunition Production Support Act) regulation sets a very clear direction,” the M5s MEP wrote. Sabrina Bingoli On a note, “but at the same time incomprehensible. How can a peace track be prepared in Ukraine by investing in arms? We oppose in the European Parliament the request for fast-track action to reduce approval times for the plan which provides for the transfer of funds from the social sector to the production of arms and ammunition using the EU budget: A procedure that removes transparency and democratic legitimacy because it eliminates any kind of confrontation over the procedure. The priority at this moment should be the search for peace and the triumph of diplomacy, while the intention here seems to be rather to reintroduce the war economy. This is not the Europe we want.” MEP Mario Furore took the floor in the room: “Today we are all gathered here to talk about the future of Europe but There is no future without a present peace. European diplomatic action is needed immediately to bring an end to the war in Ukraine. Peace is built with dialogue, not with weapons, and moreover, it should not be financed with European money.

MEPs, albeit vocal in favour, issued a memorandum condemning the use of Pnrr funds for ammunition: “We will take action to make the changes to the text necessary to ensure that attention is not distracted from the implementation of the program by unacceptable deviations. Of the objectives, Pnrr resources have already been allocated to European funds of critical importance to the Union This is why we ask the Italian government to work within the Council to defend this position with other member states in light of the negotiations. They concluded, “The goal of our group has always been and always will be Support Ukraine In its efforts to defend against the illegal aggression of the Russian Federation and to continue to insist that all international diplomatic action to reach a ceasefire be re-launched as soon as possible”, concluded the MEPs.

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