Men and Women: Shea’s opinion on episode 9/1/23

Men and Women: Shea’s opinion on episode 9/1/23

How I missed this group of pigs, Riga.

After about twenty days, he died Netflix And First I watch good movies and TV series, it almost felt weird, I’ll tell you. It was very well written and above all wonderfully acted, I just wasn’t used to that anymore. I really need to get back to Guilty pleasure to stand out, men and womenand to all that he has Burning to The supporters. People who walk their bullshit, who think they’re robbing burglars’ homes but end up getting shot in the foot. And I see that with the New Year they have not lost their good and old habits, their little aunt stars.

We’ve started 2023 with a nice tip-off, in short. She (and who would have expected her at all) was revived after months and months in the shadow of her daughter Ida Platano!) Gemma GaljaniAnd completely insolent and prey”Psychosomatic disorders(cit.), Alessandro Sposito Copy of the rooster in the chicken coop e Paula Rocco In the role of the seducer e abandoned disregard.

And I don’t want to sound cynical, but I’m struggling to save one of the three. Indeed, if Just really If I had to choose, the Knight would ironically be the least bad. Since he has a genuine interest in women from at least three different generations (and so different from each other in every way, not just by age) it’s downright unreliable, and that’s it. His enjoyment of keeping his foot in more shoes, the Study Center assures him, is small but sure. But he may have fallen intrapThat old fox Paula Seems equally reasonable to me, chevvedevodi.

Men and Women: Shea's opinion on episode 9/1/23

It is a sin to think badly but many times this is actually true in everyday life, not to mention it men and women. And it seems to me today that everything seems so dreadful that if I had to give someone a good will (without betting on something, mind you. That we know very well that the cleanest man still has scabies, here…) I would give him . what or whatThe problem is that I have never seen the previous installmentsHe’s definitely more likable but less experienced with TV dynamics. The perfect scapegoat for pretty ladies caught with obvious drama queen ambitions.

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Short summary: Alexander Came to the studio saying that he and Paula They went out, had fun, there was a good kiss but then they stopped and didn’t go any further because he still intended to get to know the other ladies. I just heard’Kiss on the lipsShe felt weird and made the mother scene, then admits at the end of the episode that “We made love with a capital A, and the next day I rushed two packets of tissues to tears of joy and emotion, because some feelings haven’t been there for years and I thought I couldn’t have them anymoreBut she didn’t tell him, uh, ha Right I waited for the ring to reveal it to him.

Come on, but how can you believe a blind copy of Rocco? How can Maria Devilipi Take it forever when it’s spilling all over the place? Just that she shed half a tear as she categorically walked out of the studio to do some mean scene Alexander Did he necessarily lie? What if they both did it instead? Why would you rule out that they both told their dose of official nonsense to cover their asses?

It seems clear to me that after disgusting business They both knowingly agreed not to say anything in the studio, but for different reasons. It was convenient for him so as not to disturb the other ladies he frequented (ex Paula It was on this that he profited, in my opinion, because he is not stupid…), and when he got to the ring he kept the copy they had agreed on the night before. On the one hand, it really gives me the spirit of someone who has studied the dynamics of this program well, and her previous programs in the middle prove it. In the previous registration, he had sensed the potential that such a wanted knight could have since he entered, and immediately found a way to mess with him.

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I really see it, okay strategic (He says Gemona), to agree with Alexander To the hotel to make sure she didn’t tell anyone, but then as soon as she got there Helios Rushing to spoil everything direction (cit.), so that it passes from poor victim to victim afterwards I had a lovely evening In the middle of the studio, everything is reduced to the usual “kiss punch”.

version that would not have taken a turn, if these details had been on the “The feelings you woke me up with after years!He didn’t make it all also. Certainly too. First, because they’ve seen each other half a time, A.J jewel You always win her over for the way she hungrily pounces on anyone who accidentally addresses her with an uncomfortable word. emotions Random to the first foreign, how is there no stranger in front of her Paula Who practically did the same?

And secondly, Rega, why did he say that such overwhelming feelings had awakened their night on fire? again and again. Of course, passion makes you lose your mind to please. But no, this is not the case with Paula. She stated that she had heardExplosion“The moment he answered – in front of her who asked him how he used to live his acquaintance, if he was against or not -“In my case everyone is in the houseThen only Unbelievably Romantic and meaningful there are his words oh.

And I’m into this sexy vac*ta shitI swear.

Video of the episode: full betTina: “Stop staring at me!”Gemma: “Agostino was distracted knowing another…”compared to fourTina: “Gemma, but how are you?”Maria: “If I were Alessandro I would be Paola I would have reacted very badly…”Maria: “Rooms? Alessandro here is a message…”

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