Alfa Romeo 6C: almost sold out before launch

Alfa Romeo 6C: almost sold out before launch

Only the official is missing A green light is expected next April, which will formalize the presentation of a new proposal by the end of summer supercars Alfa Romeo. It will be called Alfa Romeo 6Cwhere he proposed a short preview film released by the company at the beginning of the year (here News), an Alfa Romeo dream car? The name is still a question mark, but from the newer Rumors Compiled by the British Journal a truck New details emerge about the car that could revive the brilliance of the racing cars that won the Mille Miglia of the 1920s and 1930s and contributed to writing some of the most fascinating pages of the Alfa Romeo legend.

Six cylinders under the hood – There is still no official announcement regarding the arrival of a new supercar from Alfa Romeo, but the CEO of Milan, Jean-Philippe Imbrato, spoke about tremendous interest About Alpha High Performance. The interest that has turned into a very strong demand for the new model: the car – which anticipated the number one Alfa Romeo – will be Almost already sold out. And if those fortunate enough to be able to afford it (Imperato hinted at the characteristics and prices of hypercars …) were willing to make a down payment to secure one, there is no doubt that it would be a very exclusive car and, more likely, a transition from heat engine. This could explain the explicit reference to the “brand DNA” and the fact that Imparato, without beating around the bush, said that “making that kind of decision in 2022, in a group like Stellantis, might sound crazy”.

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It will be an unforgettable car – Waiting to see the shapes (View by the designer above Max HordenAnd Which gives its own interpretation) and understanding what will be hidden “under the skin” (already last January Imperato ruled out a possible connection between the engine of the new Alpha Super and the V6 Nettuno from the Maserati MC20), of the new Alfa Romeo supercar can only draw an approximate picture. Made by the number one home in Milan a truck To keep curiosity alive about this dream model, he talks about a car that “could one day find a place in the Ares Museum along with the Alfa Romeo 8C”. car that, therefore,”You will contribute to the history of Alfa Romeo‘, which represents a ‘point of pride’ for all Vesti.

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