Who is Chukwueze, the Nigerian striker that Milan loves?

Who is Chukwueze, the Nigerian striker that Milan loves?

New market name for snags Milan And Samuel ChukwuezeVillarreal wing. AC Milan are starting to make their first steps for the 1999-born Nigerian who could bolster Stefano Pioli’s attacking side this summer session. But who is Chukwueze?

Who is Samuel Chukwueze?

Milan’s new market target is Samuel ChukwuezeA Villarreal player born in 1999. The 24-year-old Nigerian, who plays left footed, plays as a right winger but can also play on the left side and play as an attacking midfielder if needed. He participated in 37 matches in the Spanish League this year, He has 6 goals and 5 assists.

Chukwueze Villarreal

Also protagonist in the Conference League and the King’s Cup with 6 more goals overall, Total 12 over the course of the season. Chukwueze has a contract with Villarreal until June 2024 however Milan have set their sights on them and they really want to try in this transfer market session. The Spanish club bought him in September 2017, and brought him into the youth sector. A year later, he made his first-team debut in a 2-2 Europa League draw against Rangers. In 2019, UEFA named him one of the 50 most talented youngsters in the 2019-2020 season.

Pioli Milan

Chukwueze has played a leading role with Villarreal for several years now, but this year he has risen dramatically in level, even improving on his previous scoring figures. His brace against Real Madrid in Yellow Submarine’s 3-2 win at the BernabĂ©u stands out above all. Chukwueze is also growing up with Nigeria, after winning the U-17 World Cup in 2015. He has been wearing the senior national team jersey since 2018.

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