Lhabouclette Académie, the “hedgehog flag” arrives in Reggio

Lhabouclette Académie, the “hedgehog flag” arrives in Reggio

Information and training, that’s it that LHAB intends to create a new publishing method, for professionals and non-professionals, capable of delivering “hedgehog flag”. The grandmother born of hairdressers Reggio takes a name Lhabouclette Academy.

From the Science of the Hedgehog to the Lhabouclette Academie

Everything was born from the strong drive of LHAB To respond to the needs of customers looking for curly hair tips. The Lhabouclette method, which was initially used in the Reggio Calabria salon, was so successful that the owner thought of embarking on a training course route intended not only for end users, but also for all professionals in the sector who want to know, experiment and be part of the new Hedgehog Academy .

A pioneering project that stems from a precise vision and a study in partnership with BSS extension And the I change course.

The Lhabouclette Académie is, in fact, a real novelty not only locally, but also on a national level. Until now, it was always thought of only “training” the insiders, without taking into account how important it is to pass on good practices also to those who find themselves at home, wanting to take care of their curls.

Lhabouclette Academy

In the living room, through she hasBouclet cutAnd the she hasBoclet treatment And the LHABukulele ritual We give shape and structure to the hedgehog. Once we have a good starting point, with the “Academie” concept, we pass on to our clients everything there is to know about practical procedures related to curling hair.

The path, which started from studying the science of hedgehog, has grown and developed in recent years, always with an eye on both clients and other hairdressers. Being one of the few specialized centers, in CalabriaHall Reggio She has seen fit to disseminate her expertise, born of a scientific basis, to train colleagues as well.

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So it is no coincidence that all collaborators are from LHAB They are real trainers who are European certified and trained to pass on their knowledge of hedgehog science.

It begins in November with the first regional-scale meeting dedicated specifically to sea urchin science Haboclite academy.

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