March 24, 2023

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There is a blessing from the United States: The New York Times crowns Schlein – Politics

“Child of Italian and American Jewish parents, Eli Schlain wants to relaunch center-left opposition to Georgia Meloni”

“It is hardly possible to embody change in Italy more than Elie Schlein.” Such was the New York Times in a portrait intended for the Secretary of the New People’s Party. The American daily introduces Schlein as follows: “The woman who is changing Italian politics (no, not the new prime minister). A daughter of Italian and Jewish-American parents, Ellie Schlein wants to revive center-left opposition to Georgia Meloni, if only her party can of surviving’.

Schlein, 37, made her way to the heart of debate about the future of the European left last weekend when she stunned the liberal establishment and rocked the Italian political scene by winning the primary to become the first woman to lead the party. Center-left Democrat. It promises a “profound change” for a party in the midst of an identity crisis, she said Wednesday at her new headquarters.

With her election, Mrs. Schlein has led Italy, which had long seemed like a country for old people, into markedly different territory. And the opposition leader now finds herself opposing the first female prime minister, right-wing nationalist Giorgia Meloni. A section is also devoted to rapprochement with Giuseppe Conte and to the situation in Ukraine: “Regarding the five-star status, Schlein said ‘I don’t agree.’ He described his party as a complete pro-Ukrainian against the ‘criminal invasion’ of Russia, and noted that he voted to send arms over the next year because ” necessary”.

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