Here’s the PV of the future: the world record for efficiency comes from China

The tremendous attention that has been directed to Renewable energy It stimulates the entire sector, also from the point of view of research and development. As with many other fields, the China It represents a devastating economic and industrial power. The PV panel manufacturer also explains this Longy, who just created world record Efficiency for a particular type of photovoltaic cell.

In fact, this did not surprise insiders much, because the new record (validated by the external controls of a German company) exceeds the previous one, also made by Longi, in addition to the previous one.

Specifically it is HJT solar cells, which are heterogeneous silicon photovoltaics, which consist of a monocrystalline silicon cell inserted between two thin films of amorphous silicon. The greater combination of energy involved in this process enabled Lungi to reach 26.30% efficiency, with a yield of 40.49 milliamperes per square centimeter.

As mentioned, the previous records also belong to Longi, who recorded a conversion rate of 25.26%, and was instantly defeated to 25.82%.

The new result therefore goes beyond the wall by 26%, and also joins other important achievements for other types of cells. with the TOPcon type (Inert contact with tunnel oxide), Longi reached 25.21% – always outperforming itself – while with type P it reached 25.02%, also the world record.

The significance of these records is remarkable, as they are not laboratory processes per se. The Chinese manufacturer will be able to integrate improvements and new technologies into its panels, which it sells all over the world, with a turnover of several billion dollars.

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