This is what he wants to see

This is what he wants to see

Sonia Bruganelli left everyone stunned by her suggestion. The writer and producer revealed to everyone what she would like to see on TV: that’s what she’s admitted to.

For some time now, the wife of Paulo Bonolis has become a full-fledged TV personality. Coupled with her marriage to the host of Canale 5, the author has managed to distinguish herself with her strong, sassy personality, to the point that she’s been confirmed to be a columnist for Gf Vip 7. And that’s exactly what she’s been talking about in public, revealing what he suggested to the reality show’s editorial team.

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A really important moment from a professional point of view for Sonia Bruganelli. The famous TV producer and author has carved out a really important space within the small screen, thanks to her post as columnist From the Big Brother Vip, where he did not leave the audience lacking in his considerations and opinions, which also fueled discussions and resentment at home.

The role, however, has been upgraded with flying colors, given that fans of the reality show will see her again alongside Alfonso Signorini and co-star Oriti Berti, who will replace Adriana Volpi, in Gf Vip 7. Talking about the new adventure that will be presented on the reality show, the columnist revealed what he was up to suggestion Which he did to the editorial office, leaving everyone in a state of disbelief.

Sonia Bruganelli, Gf Vip 7’s proposal rejected

During the radio interview on R101 “Let’s pretend that”Sonia who has a She denied the crisis with her husband, Paulo BonolisWe have provided some small previews of what we will see in the seventh edition of Gf VIP. Bruganelli revealed that Signorini asked her to help him with this second experiment and thus actively participate in the creation of the cast.

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In addition to talking about Orietta Berti, Sonya also admitted what she proposed to the editorial board of Gf Vip. “I had suggested that I deliver a woman in the first month of pregnancy and give birth to her at home”He said to drive everyone away. A proposal that, however, was not accepted by the authors of reality appears to have to reject.

Bruganelli admitted that they were unable to take a woman who was pregnant in the first month and give birth to her for months because of it It was too risky. For this reason they preferred to desist. But Sonya also stopped to talk about the length of the program, since the characters are now entering the race to the point that the release can last up to two years.

In the meantime, work continues on the seventh edition, where some of the names that could make it into the house are already circulating. to give the first Guides about potential competitors to Gf ​​Vip 7 It was Alfonso Signorini himself.

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