Here is the educational qualifications of Zuleikha, the heroine of the Tera Amara series

Here is the educational qualifications of Zuleikha, the heroine of the Tera Amara series

If you are interested in Zulekha’s rehabilitation And other information about the private life of the Turkish actress, you are in the right place. The actress playing the role Zuleikha in Bitter land he is called Altinbilk Crescent. Let’s find out together what the beautiful thirty-year-old actress has studied and what she likes to do in life.

Who is Zulekha, actress of Tera Amara?

born in Smyrna In Turkey on February 11, 1991. Hilal has only become known in Italy in recent years for her participation in the famous television series. Bitter landAs Zulekha, Demir Yaman’s wife.

In addition to being a beautiful and charming girl, she also showed great talent in acting and that is why Italian viewers immediately loved her, and she instantly became one of the most beloved characters in Turkish TV series. Little did he know that before he devoted himself to his great passion, i.e. theater and the actingI made one Degree in Business Administration With flying colours.

Zuleikha of the bitter earth

The girl has tremendous Love of animalsEspecially for his beloved four-legged friend named Jupiter Which often appears in the snapshots she posts on her Instagram account, which is followed by a million and a half.

The young woman is very privacy-loving and hence never reveals information about her private life. We don’t know if he is currently dating any of the cast mates he met while filming Bitter land Or if he’s still single. We know for sure that she is not married and does not have children yet.

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In a recent interview with very right, Altinbilk Crescent She revealed that the only real man in her life is her father, with whom she has a beautiful relationship of trust, affection and mutual respect. for her dad It is the beacon of his life, and his reference always and forever.

Zuleikha’s profession

Zuleikha to Bitter land She is a well-known actress in her homeland, where she has participated in many films and television series. In 2011 she appeared on television for the first time thanks to the TV series Deren Solar. After this television participation, her artistic career took off relentlessly until she became a real star of the small screen in her homeland.

Zuleikha Tera Amara is an actress
Zuleikha Tera Amara is an actress

For more than a decade Altinbilk Crescent She works in show business, but her role was Zulekha in Bitter land To make her known beyond the borders of her country, Türkiye, and to be nominated for many awards, such as Golden Palm Awards Oh Türkiye Youth Awards.

Not only this, she has also appeared on many covers of prestigious magazines such as worldwide And Vanity gallery, indicating that his success is now international. Even Italian viewers who avidly follow the series are always curious to know news about Zuleikha’s character and her private life.

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