The Hague court accuses him of war crimes –

The Hague court accuses him of war crimes –
to Florence Sarzanini

A breakthrough in the investigation launched after the invasion of Ukraine: Putin is accused of deporting thousands of Ukrainian children to Russia, with the Russian Commissioner for Children’s Rights Maria Lvova-Bilova

International arrest warrant to war crimes. issued it The International Criminal Court in The Hague against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

So come to one sexy breakthrough The investigation began a few weeks after the invasion. (Here: What is the International Court in The Hague)

The Russian president was accused of having Thousands of Ukrainian children deported to Russia. The charge itself, along with a second arrest warrant, has been disputed To Maria Lvova Belova, Moscow Commissar for Children’s Rights. Investigators and judges who investigate crimes committed during conflict make it clear that this type of investigation has always taken priority because children and adolescents cannot be treated as spoils of war. And now, at the end complex checks Also in depth with regard to admissibility and legal aspects, the three judges – Italians Rosario Itala, Japan’s Tomoko Akane, and Costa Rican Sergio Ugalde Acceptance of the requests of the Public Prosecutor Karim Khan.

The Kremlin spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, comments that the decisions of the International Criminal Court do not make sense for our country, not even from a legal point of view, while Kiev talks about a historic decision: We continue to closely cooperate with the International Criminal Court in extradition cases. Forced Ukrainian children. Ukraine’s Attorney General Andrij Kostin wrote on Twitter that more than 40 volumes of files, and more than 1,000 pages of evidence have already been shared with the court.

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On March 16, 2023, the report of the UN Commission of Inquiry accusing Moscow of a crime was published. a large number of war crimes In four Ukrainian regions in the first weeks after the Russian invasion and determining how to study related cases Transfer and deportation of childrenwithin Ukraine and the Russian Federation, respectively, violate international humanitarian law and constitute a war crime.

Mark EllisThe Executive Director of the International Bar Association said to The New York TimesThere has been a lot of interest in this case and prosecuting it as a crime will generate a lot of backlash. The forcible transfer of civilians across borders is prohibited And during a conflict it can be a war crime. It can also form a file A crime against humanity.

As confirmed by the judges in the coordination of Itala, the Russian Commissioner for Children’s Rights Maria Lvova Belova allegedly It ordered that teenagers and children be sent to Moscow-controlled facilities From the first weeks after the invasion of Ukraine and in May 2022, Putin signed a decree to simplify and immediately activate the procedure for obtaining Russian citizenship for Ukrainians.

It will be the palace Sent to Russian re-education camps It is then entrusted to families for final adoption.

An international arrest warrant has been issued for Heads of state are not granted immunity in war crimes casesand crimes against humanity or genocide.

second A report published by the Yale University Research Center In February 2023 entitled the Methodical Program of Russia for Re-education and adoption of Ukrainian minors Between February 2022 until January 2023 they were More than 6,000 young men have been transported Their ages range from 4 months to 17 years.

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The researchers identified 43 detention and re-education facilities, of which 12 are around the Black Sea, 7 are in occupied Crimea, and 10 are around the cities of Moscow, Kazan and Yekaterinburg, while the rest are located in the regions of the Russian Far East, of which 2 are in Siberia.

In the specified file that Parents were forced and deceived With the promise of a temporary transfer or not consulting with him at all and filling out custody forms with fake signatures. In any case, the parents’ ability to provide effective consent is seen as questionable, since the state of war and the implied threat of occupying forces are a consistent form of coercion.

International analysts are aware of this by now It is practically impossible to carry out the arrest warrantbut he did nonetheless Restricts the movements of the Russian president And inevitably opens new scenarios in the conflict.

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