Gran Turismo 7 support: 120Hz, Super Formula and physics changes possibly on the way

Gran Turismo 7 support: 120Hz, Super Formula and physics changes possibly on the way

According to a report on Twitter and then bounce on ResetEra, Polyphony would have uploaded by mistake Details of the new Gran Turismo 7 update await us. The information is in Japanese and has been translated by an automatic translator, so there is no guarantee that it is completely correct. Among the new features are 120Hz support, Super Formula cars, physics news, and more.

First of all, the Gran Turismo 7 update indicates that there are five new cars, however, we already knew they were there. It is also indicated that there will be new layouts for the Nurburgring Endurance, some new events, two new additional menus, as well as some adjustments to the completion times of some modes, related to physics changes. Also, it seems that the 120 Hz support With VRR: It is not clear what exactly is meant, but in ResetEra it is assumed that it will not be a 120fps mode, but rather a mode that unlocks the frame rate.

Then he comes Physics changes, as mentioned, is reported in English. The novelties will include suspension physics, tire physics, aerodynamics, an anti-lag system, changes to the initial settings for some cars, improvements to the steering algorithm, and force feedback using a controller (stick and d-pad). Then it is closed with a series of adjustments to the auxiliary positions.

Also, they must pray Super Formula carthe photo shared on Reset. Of course, none of this is official. Even assuming all the details are correct and coming directly from Polyphony, it’s possible that the information listed isn’t final and something will change before the official announcement.

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So there was nothing left to do but wait. The news should reach March 30, 2023Except for the Super Formula cars scheduled for April 2023.

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