Environment, science and teaching institutions meet in the budget environmental cultural center, which will be opened in 2024

Environment, science and teaching institutions meet in the budget environmental cultural center, which will be opened in 2024

The Emilia-Romagna Region, the municipality, local administrators, the Ministry of the Environment, the Po River Authority and the Ducal Parks are working thanks to the in-depth focus on the projects and functions of the new center.

October 16, 2023 – Among the places and points of interest which, along the river, are included in the guidelinesPo River Basin AuthorityThe activities of individual municipalities are distinguished, which aim to give greater value to the territory and its characteristics, especially biodiversity. This is the situation Al-Mizani Environmental Cultural Center In recent days, I made an institutional visit that constituted an opportunity to focus on the progress of several projects, in light of the scheduled opening in the spring of next year and awaiting official licenses from the government. Ministry of Environment and Energy Security And completion of the last works.
The PR is where it started thanks to the synergy common, Emilia-Romagna region (Which provided the necessary funding) Ed Duchy Parks Authority (which takes care of organizational and administrative aspects) can become a reference point for schools and environmental training for the entire region, where science, education and knowledge find space. The meeting was organized by the Department of Regional Planning, Landscape, Building, Forestry and Parks of UNESCO Emilia-Romagna region; Participation was witnessed by Ente Parchi del Ducato, the Municipality of Sorbolo Mezzani and the Po River District Authority. Nicola Cesare and Romeo AzaliMayor and Deputy Mayor of the Municipality of Sorbolo Mizzani respectively; Agostino MaggialiChairman of the Duchy Parks Authority; Alessandro PratiSecretary General of the Po River Region Authority; ludovica ramella, Beaugrande Map UNESCO Technical Secretariat; Mario Colantoni, Ministry of Environment and Energy Security; Barbara LowryAdvisor for Regional Planning, Construction, Housing Policies, Parks, Forestry, Equal Opportunities and International Development Cooperation for the Emilia-Romagna Region and Paolo FerricchiGeneral Director of Territory and Environmental Care for the Emilia-Romagna Region, as well as several directors of neighboring municipalities.

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Appointment and visit are of great importance for this area – maleRegional Advisor Barbara Lowry Which includes not only Sorpolo Mezzani, but all coastal municipalities of Emilia Romagna involved in environmental assessment and education processes. The recognition of Mab Unesco-Po Grande attests and obliges everyone in this direction, and this visitor center can represent a point for the development of many activities not only for valorization, but also for study and in-depth scientific analysis, an even more valuable added value at a time when adaptation and the fight against climate change are important. Essential for looking to the future“.

The ministerial official also expressed very positive comments: “There are a few freshwater aquariums of a Mediterranean nature that contain local fish – Adds Mario Colantoni, a biologist at the Ministry of the Environment – Which rebuilds the natural environments found in our lands. A satisfactory visit Also from a technical standpoint, the center can become a point of great interest not only for students, but also for experts“.

Alessandro Prati did not miss the appointment in the role Secretary General of the Po River Region Authority, He sees the initiative as an exceptional opportunity also for the Great River: “It is obvious that the center is included in a path that starts from Parma and can reach various neighboring regions It could be the key. It is a key point within the MAP areas that we carefully manage not only from a tourism, educational and cultural perspective but also by thinking about a different development model, with more sustainable mobility and the use of renewable energy. Now, more funds are likely to arrive from the Ministry on the subject of environmental education in UNESCO areas; Our ambition is to favor, as an authority and as coordinators in coordination with the mayors of the PoGrande Reserve, a single consortium of MaB reserves along the Po River capable of understanding, protecting and promoting the four sites. It will be a great step forward to present itself to UNESCO with a project that will be truly unique“.
Naturally, it is also an important day for the homeowner: “Very day productive – He announced Nicola Cesare, Mayor of Sorpolo MezzaniAll the figures present at the institutional and technical levels contributed to reaching an agreement on what this place would look like from a scientific point of view, but above all how it would fit into the region to respond to its future needs. “Thank you to Councilor Lori for engaging these figures, we hope to reach the official and final opening next spring.”
Finally, thanks also came to the project engineers from those who will be able to contribute significantly to the management and organization of the site: “we are very happy – He finished Agostino Maggiale, President of the Duchy of ParkesThe presence of several institutions here to evaluate this cultural center, which is an important and ambitious project to achieve the objectives of environmental education but also to promote the region in cultural and tourism terms. “Thank you to Councilor Lori for allowing this inspection to be organized and to the district, which is essential to providing economic resources.”

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