Alessandro Borghese is devastated, violence enters his life and destroys everything: confession brings rivers of tears

Alessandro Borghese is devastated, violence enters his life and destroys everything: confession brings rivers of tears
Alessandro Borghese – iFood (Photo on Instagram)

Charming TV chef Alessandro Borghese has faced terrible pain, and acknowledging the violence that had forcefully entered his life was thrilling.

It needs no introduction, Alessandro BorgheseThe charming TV chef is at the helm 4 restaurantsThe show that made us change the way we go out to eat.

Competing restaurateurs take turns having lunch at each other’s restaurant, then vote based on location, menu, price and service. They taught us to do the same. How many of us go out to eat today and just look at what’s on our plate?

A show tailored to the person who created and hosts it. So much so that he himself admitted it even at his headquarters luxury simplicity, Located in Milan and Venice, it wants to be judged and voted on by customers.

And he actually admitted it courier For his infamous program notebook entry in the restaurants he owned: “I want customers to rate me, too. I too should be evaluated, of course. We need to be self-deprecating: we chefs are not heart surgeons. Cooking is serious, but a chef is an eternal child at play.” A child hides great pain since violence entered his life. What happened?

Alessandro Borghese: Violence in his life

Being a chef requires a lot of effort, and when you’re also busy watching TV it becomes a race against time and a constant commitment. He knows it well Alessandro BorgheseWho, despite his travels and commitments, is very interested in cooking, according to which there are very specific rules. As mentioned by A Vanity gallery: “You don’t have to mess around too much in the kitchen: I, for example, can’t stand seafood carbonara. Carbonara is something else, we don’t call it that dish.”

However, there are some mistakes that are more forgivable than others “It is better to tolerate overcooking pasta, but less tolerant of putting salt in the water incorrectly.” However, violence, such as that involving his life, is inexcusable.

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Alessandro Borghese, Maternal Violence
Alessandro Borghese and his mother Barbara Boucher – iFood (photo on Instagram)

The reality of what happened

Surely you know that Alessandro Borghese He is the son of the beautiful actress Barbara Bouchet, the sexy icon of the 80s, the 80-year-old admitted that she faced many problems during her career, especially at the beginning. After she traveled to America, a man lost his head because of her, and when she refused, he threatened to destroy her; man Linked to the mafia worldWhich makes violence his daily bread.

And in the program sincere He also revealed that he had been harassed: “Hollywood is very cruel, it’s not human. Women from all over the world come there to audition. In Hollywood, someone bothered me, while in Italy it didn’t happen to me: I was already respected and no one made any strange advances towards me. What kind of bother?” Harassment… from men.”

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