Chiara Ferragni, CM Cattelan: “A shorter message…”

Chiara Ferragni, CM Cattelan: “A shorter message…”

There are those who call him a “genius” and those who consider him an “idiot” (these are his words). certainly Alessandro Cattelan He who does not send them to say. Not even if it was about Claire Feragnythe powerful influencer who staged San Remo She read the letter he wrote to her when she was a child. “I will certainly make it shorter,” the conductor replied to Eleonora d’Amore who interviewed him “Alessandro, I thought it was worse,” the twenty-year-old Cattelan would tell a pro today.

After all, a conductor can boast of a brilliant career that began with an apprenticeship MTV And trl extensionwhere he lived through the period of a “teenage idol” chased by fans, even Viale Mazzini where he now leads his luck in late Time of night on opinion 2Cattelan is here tonight” Passing through sky and managementx factor“.

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Cattelan the career she pursues plan b for his life. “I had a plan A‘, he reveals to Eleonora D’Amore. This is my Plan B, i.e. TV is my failure. I wanted to be a footballer and then, unfortunately, I didn’t. There, there was no appreciation for being sexy.” As for the future, like any self-respecting leader, he would not disdain to direct, as a technical leader, San Remo Festival. “At first I was always a bit embarrassed because I realized his importance but then I lost interest in what he had become. In recent years, both have been very good, Baglioni that Charles Conti Then very well Amadeusmaking it one again cool stuff. Therefore, he “points” if they ask me today, I will gladly accept“.

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