A tax stamp of 2 euros. Is it excluded from income when filing the return?

A tax stamp of 2 euros. Is it excluded from income when filing the return?

When filing your tax return, is the €2 tax stamp excluded regardless? Let’s try to clarify this rather complex topic.

2 euro revenue stamp – Oipamagazine.it

Often these little ones are not given proper weight quantities Which we have to spend to complete tasks Bureaucratic or financial procedures. Apparently, however, too simple Seal From just 2 euros can lead to a He increases From the income of the person who issued it. Here is the news on this matter.

What is a revenue stamp and what is its purpose?

When you have to send a document or when you have to complete a bureaucratic process and make it official, the presence of a person is always required. Seal.
Until the coming electronic invoices, In fact, this was a badge placed on receipts and tax documents, in order to legitimize the act.

The importance of revenue stamps – Oipamagazine.it

Even if it looks very similar to a postage stamp, a revenue stamp does not have a mark value Which can increase over time, as it is only the cost at which it is bought and sold Symbolic value To which he can aspire.

In short, it works to replace Value added tax Which cannot be applied to the document in any other way. For many it is a kind of expenses Which must be issued on documents such as Invoices Which does not fall below a certain limit, usually 77 euros.

New communication from the Revenue Agency

In this regard, some Stamps They are really very cheap. Among the most widely used, for example, is the one that contains… The face value is only 2 euros. I spoke about this matter revenue agency, Which stipulated that a tax stamp of 2 euros on the invoice could increase the tax value He entered the topic This requires it.

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Invoices and revenue stamps – Oipamagazine.it

This discussion applies to both those who have Amended VAT number, Both for those who behave in a normal way. So it seems that too value Of the nature of revenue can be constituted Revenue component It must therefore be counted and named as such.

This is certainly a somewhat questionable option, but at the same time, it will be taken into account compensation Also if social security contributions paid by INPS are taken into account.

What stamps do not generate income?

When all of these tax stamps are excluded from your income, it is possible to request intervention Tax advisor In order to get one Supplementary statement To be confirmed in relation to the amount invoiced in the previous year.

Again it wouldn’t be great Revenues, But by adding up the amount of various revenue stamps throughout the year, there is already a lot of money that could have been spent for this purpose. The topic is certainly very complex and will inevitably undergo further changes Corrections in the coming days.

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