This dream island is up for sale for nothing, so why wouldn’t anyone want to buy it?

This dream island is up for sale for nothing, so why wouldn’t anyone want to buy it?

There is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, it is located off the coast of Croatia and it is beautiful, covered with forests and with coastlines that look like those on a postcard. The island has a lighthouse and other habitable structures, but no one has lived there in years.

The island was for sale, and it seemed to still be, but no one, no one wanted to live on it or to buy it. How is that?

Called the Isola Dassa, it is a small part of the Elaphite Islands archipelago and is probably excellent for habitation. Suffice it to say that it is located right off the coast of Dubrovnik. But according to local newspapers, no one has come forward to buy it. However, the asking price was very low: only 2 million euros inclusive. Too little for an entire island.

The point is that the island has a secret, a disturbing historical fact that has marked its name so much that it is also known as “Ghost Island”. In the imagination of Croats, the island is the famous “Dasa massacre”: it was 1944, in which 53 suspected Nazi sympathizers were murdered without trial by Yugoslav partisans.

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For this reason, although the island is beautiful and covered with centuries-old pine trees (not to mention the crystalline waters around it) it remains uninhabited. For the same reason, repeated attempts to sell it failed.

However, this is not necessarily the case. Now that Croatia has re-emerged as an international destination, it cannot be ruled out that some lucky foreigners, immune to the island’s notoriety, may decide to make a bid.

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