A surprise for parents. And Ilary’s comments on social media

A surprise for parents.  And Ilary’s comments on social media

RomeFrancis berries María de Filippi’s host has been in the transmission “There is mail for you”, recorded some time ago. The former flag was the first guest on Canale 5: presented with a clip of his career in the Giallorossi and the national team, Totti was warmly received by the audience in the studios.

To invite Totti to “There’s mail for you”, girl, Niomi, who wants to give his parents’ former Giallorossi captain, Massimo and Antonella, great Roma fans to thank them for their help for everything they did for her too after the birth of his son Cestian when he was still a minor. The couple were left speechless after seeing Francesco: “Finding parents like this is not easy, you are a great example. Move forward while you understand the values ​​of life, and Noemi understood them”. Totti gave the couple In Monte Mario is the venue for the Rome matches, then a new sofa bed since you rolled their bed. In fact, the parents left their bedroom to their daughter and grandson, and they slept in the living room. Finally, Naimi had the courage to speak to her parents and thank them: “I too was like her, I didn’t talk much. But how many things I wanted to say to my father…”. Totti and Elari watched the episode together, and the showgirl also posted a social story by portraying her husband on TV.

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Totti and Elari Blasey, Responding to the Crisis: Dinner in a Restaurant with the Family

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