Camila will never forgive him

Camila will never forgive him

Untethered Prince Charles takes a kiss with her directly in public. Camila will not condone it this time. Here’s what Queen Elizabeth’s favorite son did and with whom.

Camilla Parker –

New scandal in the royal family: Prince Charles shamelessly kissed her in public. Camila is angry. This is the woman of discord who made the future king “lose his head”.

Prince Charles in the eye of the storm

Prince Charles will be the future heir to the throne, The person who will take the reins United kingdom After he’s gone, hopefully as late as possible, alone Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. with his wife , Camilla Parker Who will become the Queen of England, Prince Charles In his hands will be the fate of one of the oldest monarchies in the world.

Prince Charles
Prince Charles –

Already now He started training as the future king. Unfortunately, a few months ago Queen Elizabeth He’s not in great physical shape, his common problems They prevent her from living a past lifereason Carlo and Camila They are often official alternatives at public visits and events organized by the Crown.

Speaking of Prince Charles, do you know what the future King of England will do? kiss her in public, with Camila behind him. What a scandal! This is what it is The third inconvenience.

The future King of England kissed her: Camilla is speechless

Prince Charles without brakes. Did you see what a descendant of the House of Windsor was going to do? Before her a beautiful woman. We are talking about Zara Tindall. The image that swirled around the world Gossip and gossip.

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Zara Tindall
Zara Tindall –

But who is the third wheel? Fans of the royal couple can rest easy. Zara Tindall Others are just that A granddaughter of Prince Charles And too late, too Among his favourites. Princess Anna’s daughter and her first husband Mark Phillips, Zara is 21 in the line of succession to the English throne.

Carlo, Camila and Zara TindallParticipated in Royal Ascot event that Queen Elizabeth, William and Kate. The Dukes of Cambridge is on an official visit to Cardiff.

Well, in the shot that got the world talking, The uncle and his nephew are seen embracing and kissing affectionately. Carlo, we can say without a doubt, it definitely is My king is very affectionate who repeatedly allowed himself, even in public, to be photographed in strange and unusual situations for the sake of truth.

Recently She made a very kind gesture towards little Prince Louis. During an event they attended William and Kate with their children, The little Cambridge boy didn’t hesitate for a moment to leave her mother Kate to stand on Grandpa Carlo’s legs.

In short, His kind heart is definitely a gift to him This appeals very much to the subjects of the United Kingdom who will have to begin, slowly, to become acquainted with the idea that in a short time he could be the one to decide the fate of England.

Prince Charles and Zara Tindall
Prince Charles and Zara Tindall –

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