A rainstorm arrives at the end of the first week in June, with rain and strong storms

We have one in front of us A very unsafe weekend Which will appear with some Spray it Storms are more widespread and intense over a period Tarda north-east. From noon, you will have to follow how the clouds develop and monitor how the rain moves through the radar. Weekend sunglasses and also an umbrella.

June begins with a storm that produces unsafe weather in the morning and afternoon

Afternoon heavy rain in San Jaume de Frontania (Jeffrey Soler)

The presence of warm temperatures at noon and the arrival of a Unique air engravingalso called DanaIt will be the perfect combination for clouds to grow very strong and descend impatiently in the north of the country. A state of instability prevails in the air early in the morning, with some rain falling.

Shower, in the morning and afternoon

We will link them Spray it Friday evening and Saturday morning. From noon they will appear Sprinkle them like mushrooms Throughout the Pyrenees, in the regions of Girona and those north of Barcelona.

Another afternoon will be a shower Intense They will discharge a large amount of water in Selva, Garrotxa, Bergueda, Pajés and Osuna; In the evening, its cargo will be unloaded in Valles and Barcelones. As night falls, the heaviest rain will fall in Camp de Tarragona. All these showers will be accompanied Storm And even from He praises. These are the weather warnings activated by Meteocat:

Despite this great instability, the sun will shine most of the day in the west of the country.

Low temperatures

The arrival of the cold air pocket and the presence of clouds will encourage a drop in temperatures across the country. In the Eastern Pyrenees, temperatures will drop by 2 and 6 degrees compared to their highest levels on Friday. Highest temperatures for today It will touch 30°C In the Pex Ebre region, while temperatures in the rest of the country range between 22 and 26 degrees Celsius.

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And Sunday…

Cold air coming from the middle layers of the troposphere will have moved towards the interior of the Mediterranean, which will lead to an increased presence of the sun. Although in the morning there will still be some rain towards Camp de Tarragona, it will quickly clear, giving way to a sunny morning. On the other hand, the sun will not shine much in the north of the country, because from mid-morning the clouds will grow and by noon they will unload their load in the Pyrenees, Pre-Pyrenees, Central Catalonia and Girona regions. The heaviest rains will be towards Bergueda, Ripolis and Osuna. As for the rest of the country, the weather will be sunny.

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