Milan regains 28 thousand points. US inflation tomorrow

Milan regains 28 thousand points.  US inflation tomorrow

Wait, central bankers speak at liberty, fears. But in the meantime it’s rising. Tomorrow, the fundamental data on US inflation for June is expected to drop from 4 to 3.1%, on which the Fed’s choices in September will depend (assuming it will raise interest rates again at the end of the month), and today the German Zew indicator on confidence is getting worse. However, in China, despite the slowdown in growth and prices, loans and liquidity are on the rise. Wall Street only cares about home business and doesn’t go far in the open, but in Europe, when in doubt, it buys. And Piazza Affari regains 28 thousand points + 0.66%, a goal achieved at the end of June, but immediately lost at the beginning of the month.

industry clutch

The third earnings session for Milan that looks closely at US inflation, scheduled for tomorrow, European Central Bank accounts, on Thursday, and the first batch of US quarterly reports, on Friday. Data on industrial production in Italy is encouraging, as it rebounded by -1.6% MoM in May, the first increase in five months, beating expectations of +0.7%. Then the gas returns to less than 30 euros per MWh. The Elkann galaxy did well, with Iveco and Stellantis being touted with flying colors by Equita. Also on Mps and again Erg. Saipem It still has breathing room, backed by oil, after the mini rally in July. Tenaris runs.

The highest price of the euro for two months

The Euro continued to rise and even crossed the $1.10 level, marking its highest point since May 8th. Interest on Italian government bonds at 2 and 5 years remains around 4%. Investors believe that the European Central Bank still has a lot of work to do – in Lagarde’s words – to address inflationary pressures in the eurozone, despite data indicating slowing economic growth and easing continental inflation. Of course, Germany’s cost of living was confirmed at 6.4% in June, interrupting the downward trend that began at the beginning of the year, even if it was “anesthetized” by last year’s lower base effect. However, the inflation rate in the eurozone fell to 5.5%, the lowest level in 17 months.

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Orange juice process

All-time high for frozen orange juice contracts. The main producers in the world are: Brazil, the United States, the European Union, China and Mexico. 85% of the global market is divided between Florida and Sao Paulo. While Brazil exports 99% of its production, 90% of Florida’s production is consumed in the United States. Lo and behold, on a peninsula 90 miles from Cuba, recent hurricanes have battered citrus groves, knocking existing fruit to the ground and stripping leaves from trees to prevent any new fruit from growing. Production fell to the levels of the 30s. ©

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