Assassination of Haitian President: One suspect had “political motives”

Haitian police announced Sunday evening that they were arresting a Haitian national with “political motives” by appointing a commando to assassinate President Juanel Moss on Tuesday to Wednesday night.

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“This is a person who entered Haiti on a private plane with political motives,” said Haitian National Police Director Leon Charles.

When he arrived in the country in June, Christian Emmanuel Sanon, 63, from Haiti, was with several Colombians, responsible for ensuring his safety, according to details provided during a press conference in the presence of several ministers.

“Then the mission changed,” Leon Charles explained. “The aim was to arrest the president of the republic, and from there the action was taken. Then twenty-two persons entered Haiti,” he added.

Investigations with 18 Colombian civilians arrested since Wednesday have allowed Haitian police to learn that Christian Emmanuel Sanon had recruited 26 members of the commando through the services of the Florida-based Venezuelan security agency CDU.

“When we, the police, and these robbers stopped their progress after committing their crime, one of the attackers was the first to call Christian Emmanuel Sanon. Without describing.

Members of the FBI, the State Department, the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security arrived in Haiti on Sunday to meet with the Chief of National Police.

The assassination exacerbated the institutional crisis that had already engulfed Haiti for months, leading three politicians today to claim legitimacy to secure power in the Middle Ages.

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The US delegation met separately with key figures in the political scene, including Prime Minister Claude Joseph.

“I met with the U.S. delegation and together, we applauded the Senate’s decision to elect me as interim president of the Republic,” Senate President Joseph Lambert pointed out on Twitter Sunday evening for his part.

Four days after the assassination of the head of state, a dangerous silence prevails in Haiti, and the gray areas surrounding the assassination are still under intense surveillance in Jovnell Moss’ room, his private home.

No Haitian police were injured during the operation to arrest the Colombian mercenaries, three of whom were killed.

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