The United States is heading to the presidential elections, with Trump and Biden on trial under charges from Democrats

The United States is heading to the presidential elections, with Trump and Biden on trial under charges from Democrats

This has never happened in the history of the United States of America The approaching presidential election day is real agony This is comparable to what happened in early fall, a year or so before next year’s presidential election. We have never seen a former president under arrestHe was handcuffed and released on bail Who has a real chance of returning to the White House Where he lives today An old man, smart but fragile, stumbles, stumbles, falls, and when he gets up he doesn’t remember what he was sayingHe says things his press office has to reconfigure.

the Republican Party, The grand old partyIt’s not just the Conservative Party anymore; Increasing numbers of Americans reject the stateAmong them are millions of second- or third-generation legal immigrants, and right-wing Americans from Mexico, Cuba, and Central America, who are nationalistic and often racist toward illegal immigrants trying to cross the endless border with Mexico to fulfill a near-nightmare American dream. For internal reactions.

Donald Trump is not alone in the Republican Party, as he has a prominent and very successful competitor, Ron DeSantis — Governor of Florida — who has nonetheless suffered a series of electoral setbacks and frustrations over local spending.

Biden, we don’t know. There is an intellectual trend in the Democratic Party that supports the (effectively forced) renomination of Joe Biden. But care about the Vice President because if Old Joe dies, he’ll take over. The situation affects the current Vice President Kamala Harriswho only gained unpopularity because he doesn’t hold a candle to the true black idol that he is Michelle ObamaBut he has no intention of running, at least for now.

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Kamala Harris tried to sell the dull color of her Indian skinHer father was an official in the British Empire in India, just as Obama’s father was an official in the British Empire in Kenya, but it also failed because of his son. He discussed his past as a prosecutor who sent black teenagers to prison for drug trafficking.

Another district much lower in the Democratic Party, destined to remain defeated, would have liked to perform a triple somersault by nominating one of the party leaders in Biden’s place.. But the approval of Biden himself was required, as he announced several times that he felt very good, and that he had all the files that concerned his country and the entire world clear in his mind, and he laughed in the face of them. Who advised him to take a well-deserved rest. If so, then recreating a version of the duel as we saw it in the presidential elections four years ago between Trump and Biden and the hypothesis that is difficult to escape..

In the opposite camp, Trump is under very strong judicial pressure because the Georgia courts and the New York courts are competing against him.Even if the former is dealing with the most political issue, namely the alleged violation of constitutional norms in an attempt to overturn the outcome that ejected him from the White House.

Meanwhile, the moment of the start of the “rally” and the primaries is approaching, which takes different forms due to state traditions.. Electoral rules are changing: it would not be easy to understand if the nominations would bring only two ambitious presidents into a duel with each other. This is a feature of the American Constitution unparalleled in any other democracy, and it is a feature of the world’s oldest republican democracy designed so that it can serve a country in which people still ride horse-drawn carriages to carry ballots even with trains and ballot boxes. Carts, as we saw in the election that Joe Biden won. Trump is essentially accused of attempting a coup Not recognizing the authenticity of an unprecedented amount of ballots being delivered to homes by readers, all Democrats, and all absentees. Georgia was one of those states where Republicans appeared to be winning until two truckloads of ballots turned the tables. What followed was Capitol Hill riots on January 6th When a policeman and a protester died.

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Since then the country has remained irrevocably divided. The hatred and hatred between the pro-Trump Republicans and all the others is an absolutely unprecedented reality in American history because a good rule is that they stick their fingers in each other’s eyes until the moment the winner is announced but then everyone reconciles and it begins. A new season for the government, and this did not happen in the last elections and today.”Red flag“, meaning Republican (because strangely in America the color red is reminiscent not of the communist flag but of the right), which adorns the industrial Midwest of Swedish and German origins, because the blue collars – or their working-class equivalent for Sibutti – seem to be withdrawing From the Democratic leadership, as is the case with many black communities, who accuse the Democrats of hiding under the big fraternal and social words a fundamental racism and a slightly zealous incitement to the use of abortion.

In fact, the number of black intellectual journalists (particularly women) addressing the issue of abortion in black communities as a form of latent genocide is growing. And so we are witnessing this quite strange phenomenon but it is caused by masses of people who by tradition should form the backbone of the left and who instead seem prepared to vote right not so much for a reactionary conservative as for a reactionary conservative party. Ostentatious populism Who knows how to use his experience as a great TV host and businessman.

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