“I can’t get it out of my head”

he North Korean regime He uses a very powerful tool, in addition to testing with all kinds of weapons, to impose his message: Music. But, despite the years of dictatorship Kim Jong Un It published propaganda songs, none of which achieved musical success on networks outside its borders.

And this is what happened.”Friendly stop“, the title of the system’s latest release. The song builds up More than two thousand videos on TikTok Young people all over the world admit that they are “addicted” to the repetitive tune.

@awkawketawa doesn’t follow anyone Kim Jong Un sunbaenim #Dance #fyp ? Original sound – News Movement

“This song reminds me a lot Oppa style“, commented one user of the platform, while another stated that he had already heard it “more than the new Taylor Swift album”. Off the top of my head, “this will be the song of the summer” or “I need you to be able to listen to it on Spotify” received thousands of “likes”.

The lyrics are not subtle in their praise of the dictator’s character: “We sing of Kim Jong-un, the great leader / We are proud of Kim Jong-un, our good father.” The Pyongyang regime published photos Hundreds of citizens sing the melody in unisonFrom workers to TV presenters, soldiers or children.

@Reuters North Korea has released a new song praising leader Kim Jong Un for being a “friendly father” and “great leader,” in a move that appears to be part of a propaganda campaign to boost his standing in the reclusive nation. The release of the upbeat song comes as North Korean state media recently changed the name it uses for a public holiday, sparking speculation that the move is part of efforts to bolster Kim’s position. Instead of calling the annual public holiday celebrating the birth of the country’s founder Kim Il Sung “Day of the Sun,” state media began referring to it mostly as the more neutral “April Holiday.” ? Read more at our link in bio. #Reuters #Kim Jong Un #north korea #Song #DPRK #music #Video song ? Original audio – Reuters

Many TikTok users are also mocking the fact that it has become a hit on the social network that the United States specifically wants to ban because it is in the hands of China and allegedly prefers to spread content that benefits the Chinese Communist Party.

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Ironically, North Koreans can’t watch “Kind Dad” videos on TikTok because the government doesn’t allow them to access them, and instead they are. He had to learn the lyrics And you hear it constantly in public places.

@worldwidearchives I’m afraid North Korea has eaten with this #north korea #Kim Jong Un #fyp #fyp? ? Original sound – News Movement

A song with a hidden message

Any artistic creation in North Korea – whether in the form of art, music or literature – must contain this creativity A message of praise for Kim Jong Un Or other members of the Kim family.

But in the case of the final song, the intention could go beyond simply paying tribute to her character. Seconds Many experts point to the BBCThere is a big change in vocabulary.

The “father” and “great leader” that the song refers to is Kim Jong Un, the current leader, not… His grandfather and the first dictator Kim Il Sung, to whom the chants have been directed until now. Recently, the regime also modified the lyrics of another propaganda song to the same effect.

Kim Jong Il, the father of the current communist leader, died in 2011, and more than a decade later, this may be a sign that Kim Jong Un And consolidate its image com to the country’s “Supreme Leader”.

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