The war in Ukraine lives on – Zelensky: “Ukraine is the beginning, and Moscow wants other countries.” British intelligence: ‘No step forward by the Russians’

The war in Ukraine lives on – Zelensky: “Ukraine is the beginning, and Moscow wants other countries.”  British intelligence: ‘No step forward by the Russians’

Nearly 3 million refugees in Poland

They are more than 2.9 million The Ukrainian refugees Flee inside Poland Since the start of the war on February 24: the Polish border guards confirm this.

Mariupol, an attempt will be made to activate a human corridor

Starting at noon (11 am in Italy) in Mariupol, an attempt will be made to activate a file human corridor to evacuate me trapped civilians In the martyred city of Mariupol: the Ukrainian government confirms this.

Prime Minister of Ukraine: “The worst disaster in Mariupol of the century”

Mariupol’s situation, under constant and constant bombardment by the Russians, constitutes “the worst catastrophe this century” and the worst humanitarian catastrophe since the Russian invasion: this was announced by the Ukrainian Prime Minister, Dennis Shmihal, speaking at a press conference in Washington. “We will see the terrible atrocities committed by the Russians when the city was liberated,” Shmihal added. He said Russian forces were “destroying everything”. It is estimated that at least they are still stuck in Mariupol 100,000 people. Kyiv estimates that the dead in the city are at least 20000: Numbers that are difficult to verify at the moment.

British intelligence: ‘No Russian progress in the past 24 hours’

Russian forces have not succeeded in southern and eastern Ukraine No progress, No progress in the past 24 hours, despite the start of “Phase Two” with a focus on the Donbass and the south, it said. intelligence services British. Despite the intensification of (military) activity, the Russian forces were not significant Progress During the past 24 hours due to the Ukrainian counter-attacks that hampered their efforts,” he said in a briefing from Defense Intelligence from London. According to the British 007, even a Mariupol We keep fighting.

Zelensky: “The weapons we requested are coming”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky He said that the Western partners have finally begun to supply Kyiv with arms It really needs. ‘We’ve finally heard’ and Ukraine gets ‘exactly what it is’ have RequestedHe also addressed it, Zelensky said in a video message posted in the past few hours Interfax.

Point – Friday news

On a Friday marked by it croak diplomatthe only opening is opened by the meeting, on Tuesday in the Kremlin, the Russian President Vladimir put it in And the Secretary-General of the United Nations Antonio Guterres. The President of the European Union stressed “full support for the efforts of the United Nations for a truce.” Charles Michelle, who called Putin himself: a 90-minute interview to confirm the distance between Europe and Russia. “on need military solution Conflict, Europe IrresponsibleIt was Putin’s attack.

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before May 9is the conviction that the winds pass through the corridors of European peaks, no thing he will change. There seems to be more talk of a truce now than ever The virtuous city. Even the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Not only did he warn that “the war can go on until the end 2023But he admitted that Russia “can win this war.” Moscow has identified new military objectives: “total control” of Donbass And all of southern Ukraine Arrive in Odessataking not only the corridor that connects the land with Crimea But also what it leads to Transnistria Thus preventing Kyiv’s access to the sea.

In the Donbass, the offensive that the Kremlin wants to be decisive in the meantime is becoming more and more. Attacks focus specifically on Sloviansk, in Donetsk Oblast, continue to collect military units of the 41st Army of the combined forces of Russia. . strategic centers Rubigny And BubasnaMoscow forces opened fire on a bus evacuating civilians. It also witnessed violent raids KharkivThe Russian army claimed responsibility for occupying an arsenal of thousands of tons of ammunition. to MariupolAfter the opening announced by the Kremlin, it is still the case Procrastination About Fort Steel Factory Azovstalwhere they are still immune Two thousand Ukrainian fighters Among the forces of the Azov Regiment and the regular forces of the Marines, along with hundreds of civilians. Armistice – warned the Russian general Mikhail Mezintsev – It will start when the Ukrainian forces raise their level white flags along the entire perimeter or some road to the outside of Azovstal. ”

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Next week it will be my turn Sixth package from European sanctions Look at the light. The Commission must first present its work to European capitals, and then, after the now usual round of meetings of ambassadors of the 27 countries, the new measures should enter into force by the beginning of May. The premise is that we pass to the stopping point at petroleum Russianperhaps anticipating – as happened with coal – a period ‘phasing out‘And not an instant ban, impossible even for existing contracts. The list of Russian banks excluded from the Swift system will also be expanded.

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