“A new program with a different name” – Corriere.it

“A new program with a different name” – Corriere.it

“It gives me great pleasure to announce the birth of a new science outreach program.” with these words Alberto Angela, in a long post published on Facebook, he answered a question that many have been asking themselves for months: Who will try to fill the great void left by Italian television Piero Angela? New name, updated look but honoring past glories. This is the formula used by the promoter, Starting next summerHe will collect the television legacy of his father, who passed away last August, and of SuperQuark.

“After my father disappeared,” says Angela, “I thought a lot about what he left us all. I decided to carry the torch that was left on the ground And to continue on the path of publication – said Angela -. It wasn’t an easy decision. The weight of responsibility for such a delicate task, the inevitable comparisons and the increasingly difficult television landscape of such important subjects must be taken into account. But I also thought that in my more than thirty years of television, I’ve always been faced with very difficult, and sometimes very expensive, challenges. And I have always met them with serenity, focus, humility, high quality, ideas and an extraordinary group of collaborators. Adding, then, in the end, optimism, that is, throwing the heart over the obstacle, whatever the fears.

the name

The new program will not be called SuperQuark

. A choice dictated by the conviction that this name is (and always will be) closely linked to the name and face of his father: «It was his dress, the wonderful vessel that ruled him for decades in the seas of knowledge. It is right to keep him forever. I asked Rai to withdraw this name, as it happens with the shirts of the team’s beloved players. However, as you will see, the tradition of software lives on, and we will not betray its many languages. The goal is to always make you feel at home.

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However, as with the name, the format will also be slightly different, while preserving many of the characteristics that built SuperQuark’s success: «Of course, There will be some changesTo be able to tell the flag of that ship’s crew will be added the prime time sailor experience gained by those who made Ulysses with me, Tonight in Marvel’s and also the Northwest Passage. We’ll expand the broadcast’s topics, talking more about archaeology, geopolitics, anthropology, and psychology, while keeping the typical SuperQuark science publishing topics alive and strong, for those who loved this show. I think a great, great team has been created that will go out of their way to talk to you about science. And most importantly, l Spreading scientific thought Which is his real goal.

Thoughtful choice

Alberto Angela points out that the decision to collect such a thoughtful witness was not taken lightly, but was the result of long deliberation: «There are at least three reasons that prompted me to undertake this project. First why I didn’t want to interrupt Piero’s course for many years. A path, a vision, based on the basic intuition of using television, which in many ways has been and still is one of the most powerful means of communication to explain science and culture. second, because the major network of public television cannot fail to have a popular science program in prime time.”

Think young

the The most important reasonbut,Alberto Angela saves it for last: “Over the years, my father and I have met many people almost daily, from the general public to archaeologists, researchers, engineers, doctors, businessmen, pilots and even astronauts who have told us: ‘I do this work because as a child I saw the revelations of Piero’s programs.’” It was those programs that showed them the path they decided to take next. And it’s often the world of research or innovations, like that Decisive for our country and our future. The new program does not want to let go of all those girls and boys, girls and boys who are now in school and who, seeing this program, who knows, maybe, will decide to make choices, to take up a career, to go in one direction in life. Whatever. Not only in relation to school or university, but to the ability to make choices in everyday life with knowledge, with the use of reason ».

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At this moment, he continued, New generations need help To understand how to direct their lives, their knowledge and their emotions. Help yourself, We want to do our part. Giving useful tools for reflection, and then letting you choose the paths you want to take in life. I hold the flashlight on the floor and carry it forward. Because that’s right. for new generations. Because the journey of knowledge never stops – concluded Angela. Please join us on this new journey.”

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