Plastic Surgeon Elisa Izuardi: That’s what I did again

Plastic Surgeon Elisa Izuardi: That’s what I did again

Elisa Izuardi returns to dominate the Italian gossip scene in an indisputable way, and it seems that the beautiful presenter has recently succumbed to the charms of plastic surgery.

during the working years Elisa Izuardi She undoubtedly stood out due to her great talent in hosting, and initiated several collaborations that allowed her to become one of the well-known faces of Ray at the helm of many successful shows.

Redesigned by Elisa Izuardi – RecipeSprint

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Don’t forget to manage it Chef testbut at the same time we can include workflows made in front of the cameras of Uno Mattina but also Linea Verde.

Recently, the presenter has also tested herself with a new format broadcast on Sunday afternoons with the name “I’d like to tell you that…“.

Constantly living life in the spotlight even on social networks, allowing fans to notice how it goes at this point Elisa Izuardi has taken steps to change a few little things about herself.

Did Elisa Eswardi undergo plastic surgery?

As we explained earlier Elisa Izuardi He remains one of the undisputed champions of Italian gossip, but this time we find a goddess dominating the scene Changes implemented by the presenter in recent years Which certainly did not go unnoticed.

Izuardi started working in the world of entertainment in conjunction with her participation in the Miss Italy competition, as here you will notice her sexy beauty and almost touching the crown. In recent years, her charm and looks have remained almost the same, but if we try to compare different photos we can see How more mature Izuardi’s charm and stunning beauty have becomeHowever, in the meantime, the prologue may have succumbed to the charm of the scalpel by providing something to improve her body.

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Redesigned by Elisa Izuardi – RecipeSprint

It was many fans who understood the difference, but also the editorial staff at strip news Which included Elisa Izuardi in the very popular Fati and Rafati column.

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What did Elisa Izuardi do again?

Rai’s house host didn’t say anything Plastic surgery retouchingdespite the fact that in recent years through her Instagram page she has had the opportunity to show several beauty treatments made in several beauty salons that allow her to closely care for her charms.

Abstracting the news in the famous A column in Fatti e Rifatti indicated that something had already changed for Elisa Izuardi especially on her face. The satirical news scanner test claims that the nose In TV star work has been done well but at the same time steps have also been taken to raise the bar eyelids;.

Redesigned by Elisa Izuardi – RecipeSprint

However, as we explained earlier, there has been no confirmation yet of what takes away the news allegations given that even the presenter of House of Rai prefers to maintain absolute secrecy on this subject.

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