June 11, 2023

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Why does hair turn white? For science, age has nothing to do with it

Why does hair turn white? Could it happen suddenly to shock? Or is it just for aging? A scientific study investigated the matter

White hair is an annoying problem, which is not always easy to manage or accepted at all ages. Whether they completely populate the head as on some movie stars or start to appear on the nape of the neck of younger women, white hair is mainly A sign of melanin deficiency. Why hair turns white does not have a single answer: age, lack of vitamins, which can be replenished by right Supplements for white hairoxidative stress, but also cause-dependent endurance cells inside the hair. Led by medical school researchers, some scientists may have found the key to reversing and preventing the aging process Grossman of New York University, He answered the question “Why does hair turn white?” Hence a solution to reverse this process and thus prevent gray hair.

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Can hair turn white overnight? Or suddenly out of fear or shock?

When you begin to notice the white hair, it seems to have arrived suddenly, as if it had manifested itself overnight. It is not biologically possible That hair loses its color in such a limited period of time. Most likely, instead, we are not aware of the passage of time that seems to pass faster as you get older.

Then it is said If you get scared or experience a traumatic event, your hair will turn white. In essence, it may come as a result of the extreme stress he is experiencing. In fact, there is no scientific correspondence: stress hormones cannot make hair turn white all at once, and there is no clear, scientifically proven relationship between the two. Instead, it is believed that the stress hormones They can cause an inflammatory condition that leads to increased production of free radicals which can affect melanin production. But to be able to support it with certainty, more studies and data would be needed.

Why does the hair become white?

Let’s start from the stem cells of the melanocytes or the cells involved in the pigmentation of hair and body hair and affect the color of each person’s hair with its diversity, quantity and health. Precisely being stem cells, they have the ability to renew themselves and act as a repair system in mature organisms. Like any type of cell in the body, these cells, among other things, also move within Hair follicles. When they “go through” and thanks to this repair mechanism, these cells have the ability to prevent aging which, when applied to the hair, means that the whiteness stops appearing.

During this movement, melanocyte stem cells develop from a primitive state to a more mature state, and undergo these transitions as they travel from one follicle to the next. As hair ages and grows back frequently, Follicles containing old pigment cells accumulate in the follicles As a result, the more mature melanocytes in the Stem cell compartment It is called swelling of the hair follicles, where they remain, which impedes blood circulation and also affects the hair that is born later.

The discovery may open an important arc for hair care businesses that may have found an elixir of youth to prevent and reverse the process that generates white hair. “The loss of adaptive function of melanocyte stem cells with hair aging is responsible for graying and loss of hair color,” said Mayumi Ito, lead researcher on this study. Bright and dark hair color, or dull and white, ultimately depends on blood circulation, as in the legs that causes cellulite and swelling, so to speak, can turn hair white, and this is where scientists see hope in reversing or stopping aging process. Knowing the mechanism by which these communicate and renew themselves, it may be possible to reverse the staining process, but we have not yet encountered a permanent solution. So let’s wait for developments.

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