The mistake everyone makes when drinking coffee

The mistake everyone makes when drinking coffee

Beware: The mistake everyone makes when drinking coffeeFreebec

Coffee is one of the basic products In the daily life of many people. Take this drink before or during a work day It has become a fixed habit in the schedule of those who need it Stimulant properties of caffeine.

However, drink your first cup of the day as soon as you wake up-sewhen levels Cortisol is at its peak, this is wrong Very popular among coffee lovers.

Cortisol levels

The reason for drinking coffee Shortly after waking up is not the most recommended option For the body lies in cortisol levels. Just half an hour after opening our eyes, this hormone that keeps us awake and alert reaches its peak. Therefore, increasing this amount by consuming an unnecessary dose of coffee will only maintain these levels for a longer period, and thus will harm your health.

Therefore, delaying coffee intake for a few hours, when cortisol levels have already decreased, will not only be more beneficial and efficient, but will also become a healthier habit. this process It will work the same way after the first cup, This will raise cortisol levels again, so you must allow more time before consuming caffeine again for it to have an effect beyond placebo.

However, it can be emphasized that, as with other materials, Caffeine tolerance can vary quite a bitt from one person to another; For this reason, it is important to know the stimulant effects of this drink on the body itself in order to adapt to the schedule.

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