Grifols is suing Gotham City Research and its director in New York

Grifols is suing Gotham City Research and its director in New York

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Scribbles It was submitted to United States District Court for the Southern District of New York A lawsuit against Gotham City ResearchDirector and founder of the fund, Daniel Yu, General Industrial Partners, Cyrus de Wick and its subsidiaries. The company seeks compensation for financial and reputational damages suffered by the company and the parties involved as a result Reports that questioned accounting and solvency From the Catalan company

As reported by the company in National Securities Market Commission CNMV alleges that the defendants obtained a significant short position on the stock market – by taking a position that would benefit from a decline in the value of a stock or financial asset – in Grífols, and published and distributed a report “containing lies about Grifols’ accounting, communications, finances and integrity.” .

Catalan companyApplying precautionary measures The defendants must withdraw from their actions and not continue with them, while demanding unspecified financial compensation. It also requires that the defendants be held fully liable for the “unlawful conduct” alleged in the lawsuit.

Grifols shares closed today up 1.7% on the stock exchange, reaching 9,560 euros. It accumulates a weekly rise of 14.24%. Although Grifols shares rebounded during the week, the price is still 30% below pre-crisis levels.

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