Gasoline will no longer be a problem: prices will be very low | You will be back to normal

Gasoline will no longer be a problem: prices will be very low |  You will be back to normal

Expensive gasoline is a problem. As a direct result of the war in Ukraine, the pockets of the Italians are emptying because if it takes more than two euros per liter, at least until a few days ago, then naturally you will find tricks to save. but how?

Gas station –

Technology comes to the rescue and blessed apps, both valid and usable for iPhone owners and Android followers, can represent a significant remedy to clear a thorn in the hearts of Italians.

Gasoline, LNG and CNG prices, is one of the best apps at the moment: Play Store stars say (not bad that 4.4), downloads confirm it: more than a million. The latest update, dated July 14, fixed even minor bugs here and there.

From petrol prices to Gaspal, passing through July and iCarburante

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Apps to find the best petrol stations –

with Gasoline prices Instantly find the cheapest gas station near you. Simply select the desired fuel (gasoline, diesel, methane, LPG, but also diesel or special gasoline) and based on your location or the address you are looking for, the application instantly determines the nearest and cheapest distributors in your area, whether they are part of the most reputable companies (Such as Eni/Agip, Eni Selfy, Enercoop, Ego, Esso, Europam, IP, IP Matic, Noaloil. Convenient and easy to understand, petrol prices can be tracked with all different navigation services like Google Maps, Waze or Apple Maps, the more you have the more , increased.

also July It can be downloaded on both iOS and Android smartphones. Up to 4.5 star ratings, useful for any vehicle, simple and easy to use to track mileage, fuel consumption and costs. With this app, you can track your vehicle expenses, vehicle servicing, refueling, fuel consumption, mileage and costs, all with one goal: to save money.

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iFuel, Instead, it is only available for iOS. 4.2 for Melafonini and iPad is not very cheap. Now, with version 1.0.8, the error related to loading distributors has also been resolved. iCarburante allows you to save by showing the cheapest distributors near a specific user area. One application to know the prices of diesel, gasoline, LPG and methane.

Jaspal It will also have few stars compared to all mentioned (only 3) but it is available for iOS and Mobile and anyway it has reached and exceeded fifty thousand downloads. Another application that allows you to find out the prices of all gas stations in seconds, find the cheapest station on the map and get a list of the nearest stations.

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