“I’ll block, report, do anything”

“I’ll block, report, do anything”

Ida Platano do not wait men and women Back to the controversy. This time the lady is not taking the floor to talk about her love-hate for Riccardo Guarnieri, but to defend her son from the messages of online haters.

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Ida Platano is ready to do anything to defend her son: “I will prevent, report, do whatever it takes”

Those who follow the reality show contestant know how independent she is and how little she is willing to compromise when it comes to her close loved ones. Well, this time Ida Platano pulled out her nails and teeth and addressed her followers in a peremptory tone: “I mean for those who keep writing about my son, I told you to write about me, but not about him. I really don’t allow that! ».

Strong words that don’t allow for responses are followed by a series of Instagram stories claiming her role as a mother. “But I will tell you, how should you raise your children? In my opinion, you should educate yourselves.” And again: «I raise it on my way, it will be right, wrong, its consequences. its enough! I will block him, I will denounce, I will do anything when you touch my son, otherwise he does not comment.” In short, it seems that Ida Platano is really willing to do anything to defend her great love.

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