A multisensory journey in scientific research at Cnr – centenario.cnr.it

A multisensory journey in scientific research at Cnr – centenario.cnr.it

Exhibition: “Science Done in 100” multimedia experiment, dedicated to the research activity of the National Research Council. It is characterized by being narrative, playful and at the same time educational, a real multi-sensory and interactive journey through time and space enriched by stories, experiences, projects and personalities from the scientific world.

On July 3, this installation will open at the central headquarters of Cnr in P. le Aldo Moro at 18.00, which intends to represent the past and the present, but above all the future of Cnr to a very large and diverse audience.

The possibility of broadly reflecting on the history of this institutional reality within the national and international cultural panorama, and the meanings and influences whose existence has been and continues to determine it in scientific and civil progress will be presented.

The skills and passion of the Cnr scientific community will be represented by innovative tools and languages, capable of effectively conveying the message of the importance of scientific research to the progress of humanity.

The installation consists of three screens positioned in a semi-circle, so as to enclose the visitor’s view for nearly 360 degrees, an interactive and rotating table, and an astrolabe, containing 11 tactile figures representing the key words of the centenary and the history of Cnr.

A large star map welcomes male and female visitors to the three immersive screens; With the free spin of the astrolabe, they will be able to interact with concrete shapes/keywords and access the “galaxies” in Cnr projects.

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