Sophistication, yoga, pilates, holistic disciplines, relaxation techniques, zen

Sophistication, yoga, pilates, holistic disciplines, relaxation techniques, zen

The term is derived from three Greek words: “mos” harmony, “furnace” spirit and “logos” science. A small excursion into the doctrine of the harmonious soul

Sabrina Commissioner

A powerful relaxation technique that allows you to manage stress, emotions, fears and limiting beliefs in complete independence: here is sepsis, a new technique in Italy, increasingly practiced to achieve the right balance. Mind/body. “It consists of simple, concrete exercises of muscle relaxation, breath control, and positive visualizations — he explains Stephanie Heada phylogenetic specialist at the Aspria Harbor Club in Milan.

assets. Created in the late 1950s by a Colombian neuropsychiatrist, Alfonso Caicedo who worked in a hospital in Madrid and was frustrated by the doctors’ lack of concern for conscience: he was convinced of the power of man and his conscience to heal himself to improve his life. Kaisedo first studied many Western relaxation techniques, then moved east to understand Japanese Zen, Buddhist meditation, Indian meditation, and yogaLater, he established many schools in European countries, and the science of sophrology was especially developed in France.

What is that. It approaches yoga through breathing techniques and listening to the body, its emotions and sensations, but it is a psychosomatic technique: the movements are at the service of the mind. Sophistication session is divided into: four parts: The topic of the course is discussed in the first; We continue with four exercises standing, very gentle movements of muscle relaxation and control of breathing. We continue the positive visualization exercise, sitting or lying down. In the fourth, last part, the sensations you experience are shared.


positive outlook. It is one of the focal points of the sophistication session. To explain this, we can use the example of a lemon. «If we imagine biting a lemon, the body reacts with an increase in saliva production, but also with a contraction of the jaw. The same positive feedback can be obtained with the sound-guided movements associated with relaxation and gentle movement sessions, individual and group, useful in perceiving an individual’s reactions. privacy? The exercises are recorded to be listened to and repeated. Track achievements are made indoors 10-12 weeks, but the luxury is perceived from the first session.

One technology for all. Even for those who are not very flexible or do not exercise: the moments and movements are really soft.

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