Francesca, crying, discovers Manuel’s betrayal firsthand. “He deserves a lot of shit.”

Francesca, crying, discovers Manuel’s betrayal firsthand.  “He deserves a lot of shit.”

A Temptation Island writes that Francesca has been engaged to Manuel for two years. The crisis came because Manuel left her five times in that time. The girl found out what her boyfriend did every time he was dumped.

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Temptation Island: Francesca weeps and discovers Manuel’s betrayal alive “He deserves a sea of ​​filth”

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Francesca, 23, a psychiatric rehabilitation technician, has been working with Manuel, 30, a pharmaceutical representative for two and a half years. They have lived together for a year and are currently in transition.

Francesca writes to Temptation Island because Manuel leaves her every two years for three times and in those two and a half years he has left her about 5 times. She is always there waiting for him and he takes advantage of that. She is exhausted and wants Manuel to be clear about what he wants: to be with her or not.

Manuel admits that he cannot go on like this and Francesca hears directly for the first time what her boyfriend did when she was left “I wrote to myself and saw myself with other people, I am no longer credible. I hope I understand what is the right thing ». His participation in the program will make him He understands whether or not he really wants to be with Francesca.

Francesca is in shock and burst into tears: “She deserves a sea of ​​nonsense”

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