'Language is untouched', Arran claims language defense and presses charges against PP and VOX on Mallorca Day

'Language is untouched', Arran claims language defense and presses charges against PP and VOX on Mallorca Day

As part of Diada de Mallorca, Aran refers to the Office of Linguistic Rights and paints a mural to demand the Catalan language and country against the attack of the PP and VOX government.

“The arrival of the PP and VOX to the Balearic Islands government means a softening of the attack against the Catalan working class,” they explained, adding that “the far-right party has put forward a proposal to abolish the Office of Linguistic Rights.” He changed it to the Office for Guaranteeing Linguistic Freedom, and even went so far as to propose sanctions on public bodies that preserve the Catalan language.

The organization condemns the closure of many government bodies, and points out that “if we talk about linguistic rights, we are faced with a clear example of the persecution of Catalan culture and Catalan culture. We have witnessed in recent months how more linguistic segregation is being implemented, and how the language is being besieged in the public sector by making it “Only optional, how the day changed in Mallorca, and a long series of etc. systematic attacks on language and culture.”

The youth organization explains that “besieging the language is an attempt against the rights of the working class in the Balearic Islands and Catalan countries, and is part of the Spanish and bourgeois project that aims to eliminate us as a people.”

In the face of this, Aran claims that he “lives completely in the Catalan language, speaking it in all areas and not just in privacy, because doing so makes us disappear as a people. Above all, uniting the defense of the language with the rest of the struggles, because this is what will make us victorious.” As a class.”

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“The project of the right and the far right is clear: the aggravation of the material conditions of the working class and the rollback of the rights that have been achieved in order to continue the accumulation of capital so that those who have always benefited can promote an economic model that plunges us into misery as in tourism, a social model where Catalanism, the right to “Adequate housing, sustainable management of the territory and the defense of feminism have no place. It is a project that seeks to confront us, dispossess us and empower the elites, to continue accumulating capital by going to great lengths.” In the face of this, they propose “popular unity: let us organize ourselves, stop their attacks, and expel them!”

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