Milan, Russian businessman Artem Us, wanted by the United States, escaped. The cut bracelet and the TV in Basiglio’s house

The day before, the Milan Court of Appeal had approved his extradition to the United States, and on the afternoon of Wednesday, March 22nd. Artem usa Russian businessman and son of the governor of the Siberian region, He escaped from house arrest in his home in the village of Cascina Vione di Basiglio where he was monitored with an electronic bracelet. An escape now threatens to open a diplomatic issue with the United States. Late Wednesday morning, Uss was checked in the house by the carabinieri to check for house arrest and was inside regularly. According to preliminary information, he is 40 years old Alleged tampering with the electronic device by cutting it: The alarm went off shortly after 2:00 p.m., and when the cops arrived, they found… Close the armored door and the TV in the apartment. So to get in they had to call the fire brigade and when they managed to force the door Uss had already fled. The images of the cameras monitoring the residential complex and the images of the nearby roads are being verified. It is possible that the 40-year-old has already moved away from Italy. Maybe on a special flight from Lynette. On this front, verification is being carried out by the Carabinieri of the Information and Investigation Unit in Milan, together with Corsico. At the moment, the involvement of the Russian intelligence services in aiding the escape cannot be ruled out.

The US was banned and locked in jail on October 17, following an international arrest warrant from the New York judicial authority. He was then granted house arrest pending the judges’ decision to extradite him. The businessman ended up at the center of a sensitive issue affecting relations between countries, particularly the United States and Russia, in a complex international scenario, given the ongoing war in Ukraine. The US defense had indicated that the man’s arrest would have been completed, the lawyers said, at one o’clock. “prisoner exchange”because the United States was interested in obtaining the release of Paul Whelan, a businessman who was sentenced in Moscow to 16 years in prison in 2020. On October 21, Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said that “Russian diplomatic missions will do everything possible to protect the interests of Yu. Basis “.

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Only in two of the four counts disputed by US authorities, The Court of Appeal had given the green light for extradition. For a more accurate charge, specifically in light of the international scenario in which it is concerned “Illegal Export” of “Military and Sensitive Technologies”the so-called “dual use”, for millions of dollars “from the United States to Russia”, the judges found no evidence of his “causal contribution”.

With the judgment handed down two days ago, the fifth offender (Judge Nova-Barbara-Arnaldi) announced that the “conditions for extradition” of the United States “are limited to the second and third counts”, that is, “violation of the embargo against Venezuela in a case of smuggling oil to China and Russia and ‘fraud’ banker’ alleged. They also established that “the terms of extradition did not exist by reference to the other two counts because of lack of evidence of causal contribution”, in the introduction to military techniques, and “no double offense” in respect of alleged money laundering. His lawyers, the two attorneys Vinicio Nardo and Fabio De Mattis, ready, within 15 days, to appeal to the cassation.An extradition request from Moscow was also pending for the businessman, who arrived in Italy in November, on an unspecified money-laundering hypothesis.

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