Allegri is excited about the players’ messages: What will he do now?

Allegri is excited about the players’ messages: What will he do now?

Turin – MAll love lasts forever, while some divorces can be completed within ten minutes. The conversation between the Juventus CEO and the coach continued for a long time on Friday in the Continassa dugout. Scanavino and Allegri had nothing to say to each other except exchange some cold pleasantries. The reasons for the farewell requested by the club were actually written in a letter provided to Max by a lawyer, containing a precautionary suspension and five different reasons/disputes: From the reactions against the referees in the Atalanta-Juve final, to the damage caused to La Presse’s camera equipment when returning to the changing rooms, from the fight with the Tuttosport director.then it ended with handshakes the next day, to shouting at security personnel (a rebuild to which Max objected), all the way to a discussion with Giuntoli, which continued on the bus that took the team back to the hotel after the final.

Juve Allegri, legal part

Juventus dealt with Allegri as an employee who should be dismissed and not as a coach with whom they shared 8 years together: the CEO, that is, the club’s legal representative, and not the technical director Giuntoli, was the one who delivered his dismissal. And it’s not just an aesthetic choice: The entire exemption procedure was carried out in “legal” language, that is, each step was carried out taking into account the conditions of the Labor Code. Allegri, who spent yesterday in Milan with friends from Livorno and was spotted at Ribot, a place with a horse racing-themed environment (by the way: today his mare Estrosa will compete in Rome), has until Wednesday to compete for the five points. Then another game will start, still undecipherable.

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Silence and love for his former players

There has certainly been no attempt at a deal, nor any move by the owners with a view to reaching an agreement on the salary that remains to be paid, i.e. 7 million net through 2025. Yesterday, a fictional rebuild was circulated, according to which Max rejected a severance package: Nothing is true. After the brief confrontation with Scanavino, there was only a long silence, filled with love – the kind that lasts and will last for a long time – from fans and players, who flooded social media with memories and thanks to the coach. “As you always said to us, a few words: Thank you, sir!” Fagioli wrote. “You will be remembered as one of the most successful. You deserved a different farewell,” Rabiot said. “Goodbye.” Vlahovic’s post was also particularly touching, as he posted a photo embracing the coach: “You welcomed me as a boy and helped me become a man.” The dedication also extended to MP Landucci And to Trombetta, Dolcetti, Voletti, and other employees. Danilo’s thought made clear what many had been arguing for a long time: Allegri led Juve through the storm – Ronaldo’s farewell, investigations, sanctions, betting and doping cases, the market at a standstill – steering the ship to port with the cup. «Difficulties also allow us to see what each person is made of – Captain’s Reflections – The moments of difficulty in the past three years have been enormous, and you and all your employees have not given up and have not allowed us to do so. Stop fighting even for one day. This lesson will remain with us forever and ever.” “It was a path full of obstacles and challenges – emphasized Bremer – a path that made us stronger and made us raise the cup. It was a pleasure, sir.” Locatelli’s tribute was equally emotional: “You made me understand what it means to wear this shirt and represent this glorious club.” Even those who played less celebrated the man: “Thanks for everything, coach!” Milik’s participation in a shot in which the coach raises the Italian Cup to the sky. Max read it all with emotion and gratitude, and spoke of the rough seas, because he had once allowed a wave to wash over him: this was a wave of affection.

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