Gabriel Costanzo, Mother Maria’s sad revelation: ‘He was a killer’

Gabriel Costanzo, Mother Maria’s sad revelation: ‘He was a killer’

The son of Maurizio and Maria de Filippi was left alone, here’s what happened: the details and curiosity that aroused the interest of conductors but did not know most of them yet …

The couple’s adopted son from entertainment world Costanzo de Filippi, or Gabriel, also appears to have lived The “dark period” of his young life…the story that hits the heart straight…

Maurizio Costanzo and his wife Maria de Filippi, Gabriel Yopi’s adoptive parents

One of the professional journalists who undoubtedly made the history of Italian television and beyond is legendary Maurizio Costanzo. To this day, man remains one of the key points in the development of television and all media, which has been able to enhance every topic presented in his famous talk show. Maurizio Costanzo Show. Among other things, it was he who first brought the talk show genre to Italy, known only in America.

Costanzo? daddy dropout

Gian Paolo Caprettini Call him – and for good reason – a “Supreme Pontiff”He was powerfully able to make current topics accessible to everyone in his program. These are his words about it: “That is, he succeeds in continuing dialogue and reasoning, permeating himself with the words of others and at the same time making it possible. Costanzo is the master of hintswhich he mentions and leaves hanging, as if it were to be sealed by the interlocutor or the audience.”

It was one of the first programs specifically their goodnessbehind AquariumAnd the Grand’Italiae Charmfollowed by the famous and current Maurizio Costanzo Showwhich to this day remains one of the most popular Mediaset Networking software.

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Adopted father with Maria de Gabriel for years

Maurizio Costanzo has been romantically associated with this part for many years – as everyone knows – with the great queen of Italian television, that is the wonderful and lovable Maria de FilipThe. The two met at a conference on music piracy where the latter asked the woman to become his assistant. Since then they have never left and married in 1995. Before Queen Mary, Costanzo was related to Marta Flavy, a love that ended in secret relationship He took his current wife. Fluffy herself stated: “I am not made for married life, and in general I cannot have a lasting relationship, I do better as a girlfriend, which has always happened to me.” The couple then adopted their only child in 2014 Gabriel.

The pain of Gabriel Costanzo
Gabriel Costanzo Yobe

Gabriel Costanzo – we repeat again – the only son of the most famous couple on Italian television, composed by Maria de Filippi and Maurizio Costanzo. The young man was adopted in 2014 and works in his parents’ programs, especially women. However, an incident caused concern not a bit Her mother

Maria In fact, an advertisement today announce The end of Gabriel’s relationship with designer Francesca Quatrini. The two tried to live together during lockdown, but personal differences led to the eventual separation. This is at least what was said by the presenter who considered the aforementioned “fatal” closure due to the fate of her relationship. Ibn Gabriel. In this regard, he added: “I was afraid that he would come back to live with us. The fact that he was left to live alone indicates maturity. It took a good hit, but now I see it as good. He has only one drawback: he is a bit stingy“.

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