Rubiales, FIFA excludes him for three years after the kiss with Hermoso, but the sentence is already causing controversy

Rubiales, FIFA excludes him for three years after the kiss with Hermoso, but the sentence is already causing controversy

there FIFA made its decision more than three months after the final The 2023 Women’s World Cup organization decided to exclude the former president of the Spanish Federation Luis Rubiales At the age of three for kissing the football player Jennifer Hermoso.

FIFA decision

Three months later, this controversial issue may come to an end. In fact, FIFA’s disciplinary committee imposed sanctions Luis Rubiales He was excluded for three years, and the reasons for his selection were published in a statement.

The FIFA Disciplinary Committee decided to ban Luis Rubiales, former president of the Spanish Football Federation, from all activities related to national and international football for a period of three years.After it was deemed that he had acted in contravention of Article 13 of the FIFA Rules. The decision relates to events that occurred during the Women’s World Cup final on 20 August, for which Mr Rubiales was provisionally suspended for an initial period of 90 days.

Mr Rubiales has been notified of the terms of the FIFA Disciplinary Committee’s decision, and has 10 days to request a reasoned decision, which, if requested, will subsequently be published on The decision remains subject to appeal before the FIFA Appeals Committee Which reiterates its absolute commitment to respecting and protecting the safety of all persons and ensuring compliance with the basic rules of decent behaviour.

rubalis options

The three-year ban seems to be a “soft” solution towards the former president of the Spanish Football Federation. FIFA seemed very upset with Rubiales from the first moment, and there were those who assumed he would be excluded. Up to 15 years. However, counter-moves are now expected from the former Spanish football number one, who will have 10 days to decide, together with his lawyers, whether to take the path of appeal or whether to accept the decisions of the FIFA committee.

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FIFA in the crosshairs: Is the sentence too light?

FIFA’s decision on the Rubiales-Hermoso case has been long awaited. The former president’s behavior immediately ended in the eyes of fans and insiders. His behavior after winning the World Cup Not only has it overshadowed what Hermoso and her teammates have achieved, it has set the vision of women’s football back light years. For this reason, the first reactions to the sentence considered too mild arrive on social media Against Rubiales.

The Rubiales-Hermoso case: How the scandal began

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