Hymns – the cult of prismatic science and the horrors of the island

Hymns – the cult of prismatic science and the horrors of the island

Since its announcement, the first work copper tokens It aroused great interest in our eyes. After advertising in an “unusual” fashion, the trailer immediately hinted at a likely narrative element, giving the idea that cheeringHowever, the title in question was closer to the interactive adventure genre rather than survival horror, which was later revealed by the first game released near the exit.

cheering It is a perfect demo where, in addition to good ideas, there should always be a solidity of gameplay mechanics and a coherent writing, from beginning to end, which unfortunately is not achieved in the title, and which we will analyze later specifically.

The game has been tested by us and completed in the release computerThanks to the review code received from the Italian publisher, billion.

Having said that, let’s not waste any more chatting and happy reading!

Prismatic Science and Awakening

Conspiracy cheering It is centered around the figure Jess, a young woman still trying to process the disappearance of her sister several years ago. To beat the blacksmith, one of her closest friends, Kiminvites Jess to join her on the spiritual retreat Prismatic sciencesisolated on an island located in an unknown area.

The other participants in the retreat are members of a group that Kim has joined. the leader of this community, Tyleris the owner Glory Islandwhere it is rolled back. The other members of the group are grappling with their own issues and Tyler has brought them together to help them move on. However, it soon becomes apparent that something very wrong is going on here. On the first night, a spiritual chant that Jess participates in with the group awakens an evil entity lying on the island, known as depression. With her teammates struggling to deal with the negative feelings she stirs in them, it becomes Jess’s responsibility to save the day, and maybe even herself.

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The thing that is immediately obvious, play cheeringIt is the will of children copper tokens to make the narrative “central” in this horror-tinged adventure. themes like “cosmic horror” and the religious sect itself, in an interesting way at least, which, unfortunately, runs counter to a general writing of the title that’s also really lacking.
It seems like the developers didn’t take the time to develop the plot in the most cohesive way possible, which makes everything “unravel” pretty quickly. Which is a shame because, at least in the first part, “Science” and the cult members deserved more careful narrative consideration than what was brought to the screen by the developers.

When exploring the island, one comes across various pieces of the history of the place and its inhabitants. These include Handwritten lettersAnd the Photo And the Film reels that offer great intrigue. However, the title doesn’t do a great job of integrating all of this “information” and history into the current timeline. One gets the impression that many of the things discovered are of no importance to the ending of the story. It also doesn’t help that the main characters aren’t presented convincingly. They are only defined by their problems, and there isn’t much depth to them outside of their traumas.

cheering It’s basically a very short title: in our case, we’re at the end credits about six hoursupon reaching one Three endings are available.

recoil (linear)

cheering It can be safely defined as Third person adventure, fairly linear, with a combat system with good ideas but certainly not fully implemented. The island you are stuck on may at first seem like an open world, but we soon realize that for the duration of the adventure we will be guided along directed and linear paths, with a strong tendency to backing down. This can be due to an area being inaccessible after a boss battle, or a part being blocked due to depression. The different parts of the “Gloom”, which will block our path, are marked with different colors and can only be crossed if you get the prismatic crystal of the corresponding color. However, even when you obtain the appropriate crystal, you are still vulnerable to the effects of this evil entity.

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As Jess, you must check out three different attributes to survive: mindAnd the the body And the spirit. there mind It’s about how you react to the effects of darkness throughout the campaign, the body It is, in simple terms, health (if you take heavy damage from creatures roaming the island, you die), while spirit It’s the gauge that controls the special attacks you unlock with different crystals – you can also empty the soul gauge with meditation, which helps recharge your mind. In addition, plants can be collected around the island to populate each of these meters.

By collecting branches and alchemical elements scattered throughout the island and in its dilapidated structures, we will be able to “craft” makeshift weapons for the time being, which will allow us to repel the disfiguring entities that have emerged from the darkness. Between the flaming sticks and the sage sticks, we will be able to fight the deformations of the island, alternating between light and heavy attacks and dodges. A wooden combat system, especially considering that enemies’ attack patterns are often predictable and not very diverse – the same is also true of the tight boss fights.

Prismatic art but not the next generation

cheering It’s a title that’s obviously not based on a high budget but somehow tries to capture the player with a good aesthetic characterization of the characters. Starting with the protagonist, Jess, cheering Use some good techniques motion capture who managed to influence a fair amount of expressiveness on the characters’ faces.

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Technically, the game suffers from its ups and downs: if, as already mentioned, we found the polygonal modeling of the supporting actors satisfactory, on the other hand, we weren’t particularly impressed with the design of the settings, sometimes not very “incisive” and often lacking in detail. . On the other hand, the design of the enemies is good, which will keep us accompanied from the beginning to the end of the adventure.

The game tends to be decent Voice and text localization in ItalianEven if we prefer to go over to the original version, in English, we enjoy the cast’s performance more.

Conclusion …

cheering It’s a title that smacks of a huge missed opportunity. Horror-tinged adventure copper tokens At times it feels like a tribute to the survival horror genre of that era PS2and occasionally reminding us of titles that are often undervalued such as mysterious. Unfortunately, a base of good ideas isn’t always enough to give players a noteworthy adventure, and in fact, cheering It falls flat several times, in its angular combat mechanics, unsatisfactory exploration sense and in the writing, at times, incredibly deficient.

Too bad because, in general, cheering It would have been a real surprise.

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