A man who disappeared 26 years ago in Algeria turns up alive in a neighbor’s basement

An Algerian man goes He disappeared 27 years agoAs a teenager, it was located near his home, just 200 meters from where he grew up. According to the prosecutor’s office and various local media, he did just that She reappeared at the neighbors’ stable Djelfa Province, which is about 300 kilometers away from the capital.

The Algerian authorities confirmed Neighbors arrested“, 61 years old, is accused of kidnapping him. The victim, Ben Omran, is in the process of being received Medical and psychological care.

Bin Omran’s relatives lost track of him in the late 1990s, when he was around 19 years old, during his reign. Civil war in Algeria (1992-2002) which incited the government against various Islamic groups.

Being a turbulent period with thousands of people missing, kidnapped or killed, The family thought they would never see him again. But on May 12, police found the victim, now 45, hiding in a neighbour’s basement, in what looked like a haystack.

The Public Prosecution ordered Opening of the investigationWhich was still open, when he received an anonymous tip that the victim was in a neighbor’s stable. He then ordered the police to search the house. The suspect in his kidnapping tried to flee the scene, but he was arrested, according to a judicial spokesman, and the seized items were being collected. BBC.

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