Pre-orders paused, demand is too high –

the Elden Ring Premium Collector Edition It is very much in demand by the players. There is a lot of demand. Bandai Namco is already forced into it Pause for pre-orders From the special edition – exclusive to his store – for an indefinite period.

The information was shared on Twitter, where Bandai Namco Books: “We appreciate your patience with problems creating new accounts on the Store this morning. Due to limited availability of the Elden Ring Premium Collector Edition, we have paused reservations and will notify you again when we make them available for pre-order.”

Elden Ring Premium Collector Edition

It is clear that the number of units that Bandai Namco planned to sell is less than the actual demand from the public. I remember that Elden Ring Premium Collector Edition The game will include, a helmet replica, a character figurine, a collector’s chest, an art book, a hard book, a soundtrack, stickers, a patch and other digital rewards for pre-ordering. This is a respectable bundle that sells for €259.99. Also on the Italian website, the product was reported to be out of stock.

The base Collector Edition, available on Amazon, is also currently sold out. The only version available for Pre-order is standard that you can find here.

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