Russia will legalize piracy of games, movies and more –

Russia will legalize piracy of games, movies and more –

there Russia It is relaxing its copyright laws to offset the sanctions imposed by Western countries in response to its invasion of Ukraine. In other words, it is Legalization of piracy For games, movies, TV shows, and more.

The Russian Ministry of Economic Development He proposed relaxing the piracy law earlier this week to get around the penalties. “The possibility of lifting restrictions on the use of intellectual property rights contained in certain goods, the supply of which to Russia is limited, is being considered,” the ministry said. “This will mitigate the impact of supply chain disruptions on the market and the shortage of goods and services that have emerged due to the new sanctions imposed by Western countries,” he added.

According to Russia’s local media, the government has now announced that Russian companies do not have any annuity Patent holders for the use of intellectual property, from which country has imposed sanctions on Russia. This has effectively led to the legalization of piracy nationwide.

The state-funded newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta reported that new laws allow Russian companies to use them “Innovations” from hostile countries without paying for the use of their intellectual property rights.

talking about Hollywood movieIt seems that Russians will be free to hack them, and Russian politician Dmitry Ionin suggested that the country could open the RuTracker suite of torrenting activities to help Russians hack Hollywood movies.

“Since many Western studios have refused to release new films in Russia, the MP believes that thanks to the torrent tracker, users will be able to watch Hollywood movies,” Gazeta reports.

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Netflix has also imposed bans, for example, on Russian soil.

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