Uncover one of the enemy’s secrets of artificial intelligence

Uncover one of the enemy’s secrets of artificial intelligence

after discovery The untold secret of the Gargoyles of Elden RingPopular YouTuber Zullie The Witch has revealed a trick that FromSoftware devised to make Interregnum’s bosses more famous.

The popular creator who specializes in researching the secrets of the most beloved spirits (for the commendable work done on the Bloodborne cut) has discovered the system adopted by Japanese developers to encourage bosses to attack Lightless the moment the hero relies on Healing flask to rejuvenate one’s health.

By observing this behavior, many hitherto believed that bosses could somehow “read” the player’s input to anticipate their moves and counterattack when they were most vulnerable. Well, as revealed by Zullie The Witch, the true secret of this “disgraceful behavior” of leaders lies in the enemies’ ability to Monitor individual actions of the player.

According to the YouTuber, the most bleak Interregnum enemies are constantly watching Senzaluce’s actions and immediately reacting to some animation: while subtle, this difference compared to “reading the input” helps make the clashes more Unpredictable and difficult Precisely because every enemy “has a weakness” for certain actions such as dribbling, powerful attacks, casting a spell, or specifically, using a flask.

Although several months have passed since the marketing of Elden Ring, FromSoftware’s masterpiece Never stops holding surprises Presumably they will continue to do so for a long time to come. To stay on the topic of “Evil Bosses”, we refer you to our special offer Elden’s Ring and the most famous monster in Interregnum.

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