The Ortega and Murillo regime leaves the “Scouting” in Nicaragua without legal personality – Flama Agency

The Ortega and Murillo regime leaves the “Scouting” in Nicaragua without legal personality – Flama Agency

The association has helped for more than a hundred years in the tragedies that befell the country

The regime of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo ordered the closure of eight associations and societies in Nicaragua, including some with Catholic and evangelical origins, as well as the loss of their legal personality. It includesassociation Scouts Nicaraguawhich has not submitted its corresponding financial reports to the government since 2020 and also has a board of directors that should have been renewed in the same year.

This action raises up to 3.230 The number of nonprofits that have closed since 2018, in most cases out of motive Not arranging their account booksbecause there is no legal board of directors, or failure to submit any report on their financial statements on time.

However, this year is not the first time Nicaragua has experienced such a situation, as sixteen other entities went through a similar situation last month. In this way, the Nicaraguan authorities decided to charge different types of organizations To keep them away from playingThis procedure is preceded in almost all cases by the confiscation of all their material assets. next to ScoutsTen other organizations have gone through the same process, e.g Brothers sent by the command of Mary that day University of Health Sciences and Renewable Energies.

the Scouts From Nicaragua they came voluntarily For all the tragedies that befell the country Since the beginning of the twentieth century, when it was founded. Among these cases, the earthquake that destroyed Managua in 1972 and the disasters caused by several hurricanes stand out. In addition, they have participated in numerous vaccination days (human and canine), waste collection and community education.

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