Because Trainord writes for commuters

Because Trainord writes for commuters

The meaning of the letter is clear. Either you pay, or we will protect our right to the most appropriate forums. A message flavored with a legal dispute was delivered to many of Trainord’s passengers on Tuesday 30 May. There is only one subject of dispute: tickets, brochures and season tickets purchased between late spring and summer 2022 through the Trenord app with PayPal; Tickets for travel that have not been financially recognized by Piazza Cadorna due to a software malfunction.

The company discovered the hole last February after a review and called on several of its customers to settle their situation “as soon as possible” and “no later than March 31”. Treynord did not disclose the amount of the uncollected amount and the press office, consulted him Milano today, he had indicated that he did not have the data. However, the letters sent were different and the ‘gap’ is likely to be several thousand euros.

After contacting in February, Trenord customers received another letter with official notice on Wednesday, May 30. “We point out here that the travel tickets you purchased via PayPal via Trenord digital channels between May and August 2022 remain unpaid to date, the non-payment of which was determined – as reported by the undersigned company – by a technician who confirmed the problem after an audit Made Back in 2022 – READ MESSAGE – We invite you to pay by June 9, 2023 via app or website trenord. It is understood that in his absence we will protect our right to the most appropriate forums. If you have already made the payment, please do not mind it.”

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Going into details, it’s not clear how Trenord wants to protect its interests. He consulted the company on this matter before Milano today He replied that he did not want to add anything to the letter sent.

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